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If you are looking for long-lasting luxury furniture pieces that are timeless, Universal Furniture is one of the top brands you should consider. They offer crisp furniture pieces that are simple yet appear luxurious and current. Universal Furniture has been in operation for a few decades and has climbed up the ladder of excellence in the industry as a result of the style and quality they offer. The furniture brand specializes in creating modern-looking designs that transform any space from bland and simple into a classic and luxurious one. Universal Furniture is known for setting trends in the high-end industry right from its early days.

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The company started manufacturing in China even before other US-based furniture companies jumped on the trend. With this, they were able to take advantage of the cheaper production costs of the luxurious products. This gave them an edge over other companies thereby allowing more people to afford the luxurious furniture pieces. This also enhanced their acceptability in the market and they kept their reputation by understanding what consumers want and delivering it. This article outlines some Universal Furniture products that have won many designers’ and homeowners’ hearts and have stayed on top of the charts.

Devon Low Profile Standard Bed

The Devon Low Profile Standard Bed is a timeless upholstered piece offered by Universal Furniture. It features a modern hardwood oak veneer combined with light-colored fabrics to keep your room warm and inviting. The polyester blend upholstery filled with fiberfill gives it a soft and cozy feel making the headboard comfortable to lean on. This piece offers both style and comfort and works well with various design schemes thereby making it a bestseller in its category. It comes with a headboard, footboard, and center support so all you have to do is throw your mattress in it and sleep away. The Devon bed comes in three sizes- King size which is the largest, Queen size, and the Standard size. The design is smart, timeless, and functional making the bed a must-have luxury piece in your room.

Playlist Coffee Table

The Playlist Coffee Table is a living room furniture piece that blends with the modern and contemporary style. The design is minimalist as it combines a metal frame and circular stone surface with a wooden lower shelf. The shape of the table allows it to break up the boxy feel of the room while the combination of materials ensures the durability of the product and gives it a classic look. With dimensions of 19” H x 42” L x 42” W, the coffee table is just the right size for the living room.

Spencer 3 Drawer Dresser

The Spencer 3 Drawer Dresser is a luxury item that fits into any home. The dresser is both stylish and versatile so it can be placed in the room or any other space that needs a storage item. It is made from a combination of solid wood and metal thereby giving a rustic look that blends into the contemporary, modern, rustic, or other design styles. With dimensions of 35” H x 56” W x 18” D and three drawers, the Spencer Dresser provides a lot of storage space in the room. It comes with tip-over restraint for all drawers, dovetail drawer joints, and a drawer glide mechanism for ease of use.

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Soliloquy Side Chair

The Soliloquy Side Chair features a unique and ergonomic curved back design that allows it to fit the human back comfortably. It blends well into the dining space as it is made of solid wood and light with a weight of 17 lb only. With dimensions of 36” H x 21” W x 20” D and a load-bearing capacity of up to 400 lbs, the side chair is very strong and sturdy. The upholstery material is made from a polyester blend so it is easy to clean and maintain. The Soliloquy Side Chair is a perfect, unique, and luxurious dining chair you should consider adding to your home.

Connor Collection Sofa

The Connor Collection Sofa is a luxury living room sofa made from a combination of solid wood and plywood. It comes in a rectangular shape with each sofa seat having a curved back design for maximum comfort. The fabric is 100% Belgian line which adds to the classiness of the sofa. With dimensions of 38” H x 92” W x 40” D, the sofa is large enough to seat three people comfortably. The design and shape of the Connor sofa make it a perfect blend for any design style.

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