Is post tenancy cleaning important? When people rent a home then it becomes their responsibility to take its complete care and maintain it well. As a good tenant, it is your duty to make sure that you maintain the property till the end of your tenancy and hand the property to the landlord in a condition that he has given it to you. So, it is very important to clean the house if you are re-locating. Another reason why you should go for post tenancy cleaning is that you get the deposit as much as possible while shifting. Cleaning the home in the right manner is the simplest way to lower the deductions from your deposit.

Is Post Tenancy Cleaning important

In case you don’t have the time or skill to clean the house on your own, then you should hire professional cleaning services for it. They will clean the house in the best way possible before you hand over the property to your landlord. A tenant can clean the house as per his convenience and the landlord cannot force him to clean according to him. Though the cleanliness level depends on the preference of the tenant the landlord can still request him to get a hygienic level cleanliness. A professional cleaning company uses the check-in inventory to help them when going for lease cleaning. It helps them in scheduling your home cleaning procedure to clean the place properly.

If you are planning to clean the house on your own, then you should have sufficient time for it, as post tenancy is a time consuming procedure. The issue of deposit and home cleaning is easily solved according to the inventor reports. Make sure the property is in its cleanest condition so that there is no dispute. If you don’t have time to clean your house before leaving and you are very busy re-locating, then a professional cleaning service will do it for you. They will sufficiently clean the house so that you can claim for full deposit.

Who needs to do end of lease cleaning?

The cleanliness and maintenance of leased property is the duty of the tenant. They are responsible for the rising risks of mold, pest infection because of insufficient hygienic conditions in the house. So, the bill of removing these toxic things is paid by the tenant.

Is Post Tenancy Cleaning important - cleaning

The tenant is also responsible for the cleanliness of the garage, garden and patio as they are a part of the house he is residing in. So, it is important to ensure that the whole house is cleaned before the landlord inspects.


If you are a good and responsible tenant and you are planning to leave a rented property, then it is your duty to clean the house as per inventory. You don’t need to make any special efforts for cleanliness but a normal cleaning is mandatory. In order to get the best results for post tenancy cleaning in Singapore, you can hire Eunike Living professionals. The team of professionals will do a deep cleaning with their specialized cleaning materials and give you the best results.