Things you might forget when doing end of tenancy cleaning

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Moving out is always a stressful period of time because it always comes with too many things to consider, think through, take care of, etc. Packing everything carefully, cleaning every corner of the place, and so on, and so on. That’s why it is very common to miss out on some spots or not even remember that they need to be cleaned. Having an end-of-tenancy checklist can help a lot with this, but still, in a hurry, it’s normal to forget a thing or two.

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Some people choose to rely on professional services for end of tenancy cleaning, so they can relax everything will be done for them. However, if you chose to do that part of the process yourself, here is what you might miss. Hopefully, this article will get you to remember and successfully complete the mission!

Lights installations

There are different types of light installations in the different rooms that vary in shape, size, and model. Often, they get missed when doing a thorough cleaning because they are too far to reach or because we don’t think they need to be cleaned. However, it is important to check all ceiling fans (if available), all light fixtures, fittings, switchboards, and applique lights. Actually, the light switches tend to be one of the dirtiest places around as they get touched (with clean or dirty hands) all the time. They are probably the most touched places in a home, and yet, some people forget that they need to be sanitised and regularly cleaned, not only when an end-of-tenancy cleaning is due. Wipe all of the switches and apply detergent (or rubbing alcohol for disinfection) if the colours have faded or there are spots on them.

Doorknobs, door panels, rails, and threshold

Today, there are many different doors that respond to modern design trends and interior fashion solutions. Some of those doors have many panels or spaces that collect dust or other dirt and bacteria. People often forget to clean their doors in general and almost never take care of those small areas like rails and door panels. When doing an end-of-tenancy cleaning of the property you are living in, consider going over all doors and their doorknobs, and threshold. You’ll be surprised how much better they will look once you’ve cleaned them and brought them back to life.

Curtains and cornices

Actually, some people remember to wash the curtains at least once a year, but when it comes to moving out and doing an end-of-tenancy cleaning, they get a bit behind or even forgotten. While cornices are almost always neglected. Again, probably due to the low or high places they are positioned, people tend to not even remember them as something that needs maintenance. And speaking of curtains, if you have roller blinds, Venetian blinds, or any other blinds for your windows really, you will also have to clean the dust from them and go over with a wet cloth to remove any dirt present. Don’t forget to go over both sides and check if there is anything broken there.

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Handles in the kitchen

All kitchen spaces are almost always made of many drawers and cabinets and they on the other hand, are made of so many small parts! We usually use the kitchen space daily and prepare food, which leads to grease spreading around, smells soaking into the installations, and stains appearing in the strangest places possible (even under the cabinets).  That’s why it’s important to go over all places in the kitchen and clean every little part of it. You wouldn’t want to miss getting your deposit back from the landlord just because you forgot to wash a cabinet in the kitchen! The same goes for handles in all places. They are small and often neglected, but fingerprints often stay there and dirt the surface. Take care of this!

Appliances from the inside

Speaking of the kitchen, there are also many appliances there and while some people clean them on the outside, many forget that the inside parts also need to be taken care of. Empty the fridge and after defrosting it, clean it thoroughly. Do the same with the cooker, the microwave, and other small machines you might have. Don’t forget the coffee machine as well! Also, this applies to all of the other rooms too! Clean your washing machine, the dryer, and all other devices. Clean them,  inside and outside and use the proper tools for that.

Check all places behind and under

When doing the detailed cleaning of the property, always check every corner that you might have missed. Be sure to move the appliances and clean around them – under, behind and on the sides. Move other furniture as well, the carpets, and the pictures on the walls. Those places are hidden but still have dust and dirt, so they need to be adequately cleaned. Our tip is also to take a look at all places during daylight or even use some lightning tools to brighten all corners. Sometimes because of the light, you might mistake a place for being clean while it is actually dark and dirty.

And last but not least…

There are other small areas or forgotten places that tend to be neglected when cleaning a home thoroughly. And that’s okay! It can happen to anyone. However, we know you don’t want to miss the chance of getting your deposit back, so consider hiring professional end-of-tenancy cleaners to take care of the apartment and clean it the best way possible! You can trust that the experts will not miss a spot and will leave you with a sparkling clean place!

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