How to Fix a Leaning or Sagging Fence Vinyl Fences

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When the time comes that you need to conduct some minor repairs on your fences, do not worry because it’s easier than you thought. Leaning or sagging of fences happens to old fences because they are exposed to almost all weather conditions and get damaged through soil erosion, flooding, typhoons, and other related incidents.

Read more here to know the signs that you may need to replace your fence soon:

Check out vinyl fences because vinyl fences don’t lean or sag, especially vinyl fences from Duramax. Duramax vinyl fences have thicker panels than any other that makes them strong and durable than any other fences or vinyl fences you can get from retail stores. These thicker panels eliminate problems seen with thinner materials, such as warping, cracking, and sagging, for the product’s life. Sagging of fences comes when vertical posts anchor the fences to the ground, get eaten by pests, degrade naturally, or come unseated due to old age are common backyard problems encountered by those who have wooden fences. It can be addressed only through repair or replacement, especially when the fences’ condition is hopeless. Little to none of the fences’ sagging are encountered by those who have vinyl fencing in their properties. Never leave your fences leaning or sagging for a long time as they can fall apart and completely detach from one fence to another.

PRO TIP. Install vinyl fencing instead.

We hope the following tips will guide you as you DIY that fencing renovation for those who are experiencing leaning or sagging of their fence.

Assess the condition of the fences. Check on the leaning or sagging portions. If you’re not familiar with doing repairs, you can always check on your previous contractor or get referrals from friends to get someone to do the job for you.

Purchase Materials Needed for Repair. After assessing your fences’ current condition and have identified what is needed to do to have it fixed, you must get quality materials from your local hardware or big box stores to reduce repairing jobs in the future.

Disassemble leaning or sagging portions. Repairing leaning and sagging wood fences requires freeing your posts directly from the rest of the structure. You might need to fix the post before attaching the fences to it. All you need is to spare a few inches depending on your fence’s size to create for your fence panels. Attach both sides of the fence and stake them to the ground.

Dig around your post. Check the status of the submerged part of the fence. Are the fences rotten down below? If yes, the repair is not the option. It would be best if you did the excavation to remove enough material that you can bring your post to its upright position and brace it into place. A level will help you in making sure your fences are in place.

Do the finishing. You may also want to repaint or redo the coating for your fences to make your fences look good. Try to check on your newly-repaired fences’ sturdiness and make sure it is strong enough to protect and secure the property.

Our tip is that before spending for your repair, consider the following factors like

  1. Cost of materials you need;
  2. Cost of service (if you are hiring a contractor)

It is always better to make sure you know how to maintain your fences. It may be hard to maintain wood fences, but vinyl fences need only little to no maintenance. But here’s a good read to how you can maintain your fences in good condition: Maintain your fences in good condition.

Try to also get quotations from fencing companies like Duramax to compare and contrast repair and replacement costs. Besides vinyl fencing, they also offer aluminum fences.

For sure, replacing old fences costs a bit higher than repairing an old one, but if adding a few dollars merits you a new one installed in your property, I’ll give in to it. Check out this link to request a quotation at and even sample items for FREE! Call 323-861-3606 Duramax Fences right now!

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