Difference Between High and Low Quality Wall Panels Exposed

Have you ever tried looking for wall panels at home and ended up comparing different brands? Considering factors such as quality, price, and the manufacturer counts a lot. As a curious buyer, you can’t help but ask a salesperson about their products and their recommendations. But then again, salespeople only know so much, and technical questions might be out of their reach.

Trusscore PVC Panels

This blog will make a quick comparison about high-quality wall panels and the low players as not all Trusscore PVC panels are created equal dnb. There’s a difference between those you get from big-box retail stores than wall panels you get from amazing companies like Duramax. Learn more from this blog: https://mydecorative.com/is-it-worth-buying-pvc-wall-panels-in-big-box-stores/

Let’s get more into it.

Durability: High quality items are highly durable and have high resistance to extreme temperature, both high and low. High quality wall panels can block wetness and moisture, while the low quality ones can usually be thin in composition and absorb moisture.

Lifespan: High quality wall panels are guaranteed long-lasting. Whether you are using a PVC material or not, we measure lifespan in years, and your Trusscore panels should be true to their promise. When we also consider lifespan, we also look at its present state versus the current condition — this shouldn’t be changing; otherwise, you have low quality.

Trusscore PVC Panels

When you buy materials in big box stores, be sure to look at the manufacturer too, and invest your money in trusted brands only. Not everything you see in big box stores is high quality. Always remember that! You can also find substandard items on the shelves without you knowing them at a glance.

Style and Design: We can argue that both high and low wall panels have a wide array of designs to choose from, depending on the buyer’s preference. Perhaps, the designer’s target looks for the space of property he or she is designing. However, one can already tell that apart from the material’s appearance, you can also tell that the item is quality based on how the designs and the fence’s patterns come with. Arguably, the inexpensive ones will most likely have cheap design choices, and we don’t like those kinds installed on our walls. A piece of advice you can consider: always go for plain-colored ones,

Maintenance: Both high and low-quality wall claddings have easy and simple maintenance, except that you might need extra care to apply too much pressure while cleaning it for low-quality ones. You’ll never know if its color and design will fade while you do the upkeep.

Trusscore PVC Panels

Price. Most often than not, buyers get easily attracted to materials that cost lower than their counterparts. That I think should not be the basis of purchasing, but rather try comparing the quality of similar items from different manufacturers and checking their similarities and differences. If you are buying an item for your home or property, I suggest that you go for the product worth your money in terms of quality.

To sum it up, here’s a table of comparison:


High Quality

Low Quality


Highly durable

Low durability


It lasts for a lifetime.

Lasts indefinitely

Style & Design:

Both have an array of choices.


Similar upkeep measures can be applied.

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