4 Simple Ways To Build Your Own Fence

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If you enjoy doing stuff yourself, you will find it easy to put up your own fence. Besides marking boundaries and boosting the security of your home, a fence can make your home look more beautiful and enhance your privacy. If you decide to build your own fence, there are several things you need to do. Start by preparing a budget and gathering all the materials and tools you’ll need to complete the construction work.

4 Simple Ways To Build Your Own Fence

You also need to check with the planning department in your locality to determine whether there are any restrictions for building fences in your city or neighborhood. If your city requires you to get a permit to construct a fence, apply for one. Once you have done the necessary ground work, you can then decide how you want to build a sturdy fence around your home. There are different ways of constructing a fence. Four simple ways to build a fence on your own are explored below:

  1. Use Customized Installations

You can build your fence faster by using customized installations. One such installation is woven wood that has a basket appearance. You can use narrow wood planks in the entire construction to customize your panels further and give your wooden panels an even weave. Alternatively, you can vary the widths of the slats you use to create an interesting façade. Conventional vertical installations work well with this customized design, but a horizontal installation tends to be more attractive. You can advise your contractors to build some slats in the form of garden shelves to make your fence more appealing. Even if you are building a fence to enhance the privacy of your home, adding these customization options can help beautify your fence. If you are not sure which option would suit your home best, talking to a fencing expert at deerfencing.com can help you with selection.

  1. Choose Which Top To Build For Your Fence

When building a wooden fence, you can either build one that has a stylish top or leave it open.   Most people who build their own fence prefer to construct a flat top rail. If you are building a fence for privacy, you can use pickets and leave them exposed. The beauty of leaving the pickets exposed is that their pointed tops offer additional security to your property by making it harder for intruders to access your home. Though this kind of fence top is highly unusual, it is visually appealing for both tall and short fences.  If you decide to build your picket fence with exposed tops, pick a shape for your panels. You can cut your pickets to form a convex or concave shape. In this case, you will need to cut your picket tops at an angle that caters for the slope. Alternatively, you can use a double top rail on your fence instead of leaving the picket tops bare. This approach works well when you want to include a lattice panel to build the top part of your fence. Another option that you could consider is having straight balustrades placed between two rails. These should have narrow, horizontal slats running between them. Constructing such designs adds a modern look to your picket fence.

  1. Mix Your Fence Materials

A fence does not have to be made entirely of wood. You can choose to combine wood with other materials like metal. Wooden panels can be placed between metal rails or posts. You also have the option of placing wrought iron over the wooden fence like most homeowners do. To give your fence a modern touch, consider using perforated aluminum panels in your fence. You can also install your wooden panels in-between stone posts. This enables you to create a classic appeal and also provides better stability.

4 Simple Ways To Build Your Own Fence - iron fence

  1. Build Your Fence On A Stone Base

Another simple way of building a fence is laying a stone base around the area you wish to enclose and putting up your fence on it. If you are looking to fence a garden, this is the best building method to use. Unlike other construction methods, laying a stone base enables your garden to have a cooling effect, which is good for your crops. The good thing about this approach is that the stone base does not require a perfect finish and allows you to maintain an uneven look. When using this building method, keep the stone layers low, so that they are just high enough to raise the fence off the ground. Install wooden beams at regular intervals to support the wooden structure that will be placed on top of the stone base.

Final Thoughts

A fence is an important part of a home. Some people prefer to engage an expert to build a fence while others opt to build one by themselves. If you decide to build your own fence, apply the four simple ways discussed above to creatively build an attractive fence around your property.

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