Nothing is more fascinating than swimming in a warm pool, especially during the cold seasons. When the summer heat has faded, you don’t have to close your pool. You need to look for innovative ways to heat your pool so that you can continue to enjoy with your family.

7 Ways for Heating Your Pool All Year Round

Before you call your pool heating company, here are seven methods for heating your pool all year round.

1. Heat Your Pool with Solar Energy

Heating your pool with sunlight is probably one of the most attractive strategies you can incorporate. It is also a simple strategy that does not require much technical work, which means that you can get your pool heated at a budget. Using solar energy to heat your pool is environmentally friendly and also energy-efficient, which is consistent with environmental sustainability strategies currently being promoted around the world. However, when using solar energy, there are multiple options out there in the stores that you need to understand.

2. Heat Your Pool with Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are commonly used for heating sanitary facilities and residential heating. The number of panels installed on the roof will determine the actual application of the entire system. If you are using solar water heaters to heat your home, you can also use them to heat your pool. Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly, especially when compared to fuel or gas heating. The only drawback is that they require energy to power a solar water heater.

3. Heat Your Pool with Solar Panels

Solar panels are essential systems that can be used in heating the pool because they do not produce heat but energy. This energy can be converted to electric current used for heating your pool through an electrical heating system. Solar panels produce more electrical energy than the standard solar, which means that you can also heat your home. Solar panels are gaining popularity in the industry because they are environment-friendly. The only problem is that they require a large surface area for optimum energy.

7 Ways for Heating Your Pool All Year Round - solar heating

4. Heat Your Pool with a Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers provide another system that you can use to heat your swimming pool. Heat exchangers are known to heat the pool, especially titanium heat exchangers quickly. If you swim sporadically in your country retreat home, you need a heat exchanger to heat your pool quickly so that you can enjoy your pool. A heat exchanger can heat your pool in a single day, which is much quicker as compared to other pool heating systems.

5. Heat Your Pool with a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a perfect alternative to solar pool heating systems because it does not rely on sunlight. It is one of the most popular pools heating systems out there in the world. Heat pumps are commonly known to have a long service life, which is what most of the people will be looking for when purchasing a pool heating system. Some of the benefits of a heat pump include easy to use, economical, and high efficiency.

6. Heat Your Pool with Wood Stove

Using the wood stove to heat your pool seems traditional and not effective, but it is also a method that you can use to heat your pool. This method ensures that water runs the length of the stove where it picks the heat caused by the fire. Using the wood stove to heat your pool is only possible if you are working on a small pool. It is essential to avoid this strategy because it is labor-intensive and not friendly to the environment.

7. Heat Your Pool with Solar Mats

Solar mats are very essential swimming pool heating systems, but they are only effective in heating small swimming pools. In this pool heating system, water collects heat from the mats, which are usually heated directly by the sun. This pool heating system is laborious and time-consuming, especially when working for a big swimming pool. All the water in the pool must be pumped through the mats, which means that more mats will be required.

These are some of the pool heating systems that you can consider if you want to heat your swimming pool all year round. The heat method has its benefits and drawbacks. With a pool heating technician, you will be able to select the most appropriate pool heating system for your pool.

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