Handyman Tips That Will Help You Fix Common Home Problems

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Handyman Tips That Will Help You Fix Common Home Problems

There is nothing more annoying than arriving home only to find that one of your basic appliances has broken down or that a faucet is leaking. You may think that some of these household problems are beyond your league, but you can handle most of these fixes, which can eventually save you a lot of cash. So, next time, before you call that professional, try some of these quick and easy solutions:

Restore good flow to your faucet

When a bathroom or kitchen faucet begins spraying to the side or loses pressure, it’s usually as a result of an unclean aerator screen. Fortunately, cleaning the filter is pretty easy. Begin by closing your drain plug to avoid dropping some fragments down the drain. Secondly, remove the aerator screen using masking tape or a rag, so you don’t ruin the finish with pliers. Soak the aerator screen in vinegar to remove sand particles and other deposits, then scrub it using a toothbrush and reassemble it.

Lube a sticking door or window

When vinyl doors and windows don’t operate easily, it’s due to the dirt has accumulated in the channels. However, sometimes even clean doors and windows can bind. You can try spraying a dry spray lubricant on all contact points and then wipe it off using a rag. Avoid using oil lubricants because they will attract dirt, and most of them can also damage the vinyl.

Fix a smoke detector by resetting or cleaning

Just like any other electronic, your smoke detector can stop working. If you identify problems with the smoke detector, try restarting the gadget to resolve the issue before taking further steps. According to a recent home security tips article published by Wired Smart, the device can also become unresponsive if it has accumulated a lot of dust over time. In this case, use an air blower or a vacuum cleaner to clean the vents of the gadget.

Handyman tips that will help you fix common home problems - fixing smoke detector

Fix a shut-off tap

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a toilet or sink repair only to realize that your shutoff valve is not working. You can easily replace some of these shutoff valves. However, for those that aren’t, start by turning off your main water valve, detach the packing nut from your faucet and then unscrew the stem and go with it to the local store to get a replacement washer. Remove any gravel from the body of the valve and insert the new washer. Your shutoff valve will work just like a new one.

Unclog a toilet using dish soap

If your toilet plunger is not doing the trick, then try this technique before reaching for the snake. Spray about a half cup of some liquid soap in the toilet and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. The liquid soap eases friction and will enable the bowl contents to slide through.

Correctly identifying and fixing any household problems will save you a lot of money in the long run. These quick and easy instructions can help you detect and fix some of the common problems in your house without costing you a dime.

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