Does Landscaping Improve Appraised Value?

Does Landscaping Improve Appraised Value

Landscaping can add some thousands of dollars to your property’s value. It’s one of the several home improvement tips you can use that not only increases value immediately, but it also adds value with time. While mechanical systems wear away and interior design and décor concepts frequently go out of style, plants grow more robust and fuller as time goes by. First impressions often count, and when a prospective buyer sees your property for the first time, the landscaping and the curb appeal are the first signs of how well the home has been looked after.

Landscaping improves the value of a home

A well-landscaped property has a greater price advantage than a home without any landscaping. This advantage often ranges from 5.5% to 12.7%, depending on the kind of landscaping and the original value of the home. That will translate into an additional $27,500 to $63,500 in value on a home whose value is $500,000. However, there is a lot for landscaping than simply sticking a couple of shrubs or some flowers in the ground. The first thing that potential buyers are looking for when it comes to landscaping is a well-manicured design. Slightly behind is the plant maturity and size. A minor factor worth considering is the variety of plant life within your landscape design.

Planning your home’s landscaping

The common mistake that most homeowners make in landscaping is not having a logical plan. They start by planting a tree, and a couple of years later add several flower beds, then later plant another tree and some shrubs. A landscape without a coherent plan looks incredibly disorganized, and this turns potential buyers off. Create a plan before doing any landscaping. If you don’t have the finances to hire a professional landscape designer, come up with a master plan for your patio and stick to it.
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Mature yards add value

A landscape which is full of big, mature and different plants are undeniably one that has been carefully managed for some time, and that sends a message to the prospective buyers. That’s also a good indication that the homeowners have taken good care of the house’s interior as well, which appeals to home buyers. When selling your property, you should look for a real estate appraiser from a reputable company to value your home before listing it on the market and other related services as well.

Landscaping ideas for all budgets

If you will be in your home for a long time, then having a long-term plan for your landscaping is crucial. If you plan to sell the house in a year, you can take a couple of steps to face-lift your landscape and increase your selling price. Cutting new edges all around the planting beds; creating a sharp boundary between mulch and grass will give your landscape a professional appearance. You can also start routine fertilizer treatments on your patio, and also add some splashes of color using flowers to create a lush carpet look that will attract prospective buyers.

Although you cannot pin down a precise return on investment in landscaping, a good first impression of a property can show the difference between a potential buyer stopping or driving by to take a closer look. By giving the landscaping of your home a little attention, you can increase the chances of getting a higher value when selling your property.

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  1. We see a tremendous increase in home values when our concrete customers include additional landscape design. Great article!

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