Handrails to Facilitate Mobility & Prevent Falls

Renovating a home for elderly occupants or anyone who has difficulty with their mobility can be a challenging task. But, with some careful planning and research you’ll find plenty of items which make moving around the house that bit easier. One of the best ways to make an older adults’ home more accessible is to install handrails. There are many reputed companies such as TLB Metal Products that manufacture beautifully designed handrails that not only provide safety but also increase the aesthetic appeal of the house. Let us look at why they are so important in residential homes.

staircase with hand rails

Assessing the Home

You may not have noticed that your home or the home of a loved one has become less accessible to certain occupants. There are some tell-tale signs to look out for when assessing a property, you should take your time to look around and check for common signs of a decline in mobility.

  • Dead flowers or plants in certain areas of a home indicate that the occupant doesn’t have access to this area.
  • If you take a close look around the property, you’ll find that handprints are covering the walls. This means the person is struggling to find support when they make their way to specific areas of the property.
  • The bedroom is no longer in use and sleeping quarters have been moved downstairs.

If you take a close look at the home of a senior or even at your own property, you’ll find that installing handrails is a must. There may be handrails installed in a property, but they may need to be double to help with support.

Another way for improving mobility is installing stairlifts and if you’re looking for stairlifts visit https://accessbdd.com.

For example, staircases may have one set where they now need to have two. You might see shorter flights of stairs with no rails that must be re-evaluated due to the difficulty they now pose to certain occupants.

Dangers of Accidental Falls

If an older adult is left in a house with little assistance to help them access important parts of their home, they are susceptible to falls. A fall for a senior isn’t just painful, it can be catastrophic. Falls are the number one cause of injury for seniors in Australia, this statistic is the same the world over. To help prevent falls in the home, you must consult with a company who specialise in aged assist handrails in Melbourne. These companies understand the importance of fitting safe, functional and stylish care applications in your home.

Benefits of Handrails

Handrails are on every fall prevention checklist for a good reason, they offer excellent support and improve mobility around the home. Handrails can be installed in all types of premises by both DIY enthusiasts and home renovation specialists. Robust handrails decrease the risk of falls by optimizing grip for frail hands. They are flexible items which can be fitted in hallways, bends and up stairways without a break in the system.

One of the best methods for preventing falls in the home and improve mobility is to install handrails. They are easily integrated into your décor and they can be useful in every part of your premises. They are great for providing grip in slippery environments like the bathroom and they allow older adults to move around without restriction.

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