Tools That Every Roofing Contractor Should Own

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Tools That Every Roofing Contractor Should Own

Regardless of how experienced or adept you are in a particular industry, if you’re not using the right tools, you’ll still have a hard time in achieving growth and success. This is especially true in the business context. If you want to excel in the business arena, your experience and training should be supplemented with the right tools – just like how a marketing manager uses different marketing mediums or how an engineer uses safety equipment every day at work. And when you’re a roofing contractor, the same notion also applies: you should also use the appropriate tools to get the job done. Not only will these ensure your safety but these can also affect the duration and quality of your roofing services. There are many reasons why homeowners would acquire the services of a roofing contractor. Aside from having the training and experience in repairing and replacing roofs, roofing contractors also have the tools needed for the job. So if you want to gain customers and improve your brand visibility as a roofing contractor just like, invest in the following tools:


This one’s a no-brainer. Every roofing contractor needs a ladder – how else can you get on top of your customers’ roof? A ladder might not fit your tool belt, but this is one of the most important tools you should have. Using the right kind of ladder can help prevent any injury without compromising the quality of your work. When you’re scouting for ladders, opt to buy ones which allow you to reach higher heights with stability. The more durable the ladder is, the better.

Shingle remover

Working as a roofing contractor means you’ll be responsible for removing a lot of shingles. You’ll need to tick this off your list before you can actually repair or replace any component in the roof. However, this task is easier said than done – removing shingles is time-consuming and tedious. Save your energy for other important tasks by using a shingle remover. Unlike roofing hammers and pry bards, using shingle removers will only require less effort.

Tools that every roofing contractor should own - ladder

Roofing nailer

Just like how a poster sticks to a wooden wall with the use of a staple gun, shingles can also stick in roofs using a roofing nailer. This is one of the most efficient “guns” every roofing contractor should have. This tool allows you to install shingles on a roof quicker than usual. And when you’re able to finish a task faster, the repair or replacement project will also be done with lesser amount of time.

Roofing hammer

Hammers aren’t just a handyman’s best friend; it’s also a roofing contractor’s best ally. Roofing hammers are used alongside with a roofing nailer and can provide a long list of benefits for roofing contractors. You’ll be able to tap down nails and remove incorrectly placed tiles or shingles using a roofing hammer. Plus, a roofing hammer can also help you clean up an area during and after the roof replacement or repair project. Collectively, all of these benefits should be reasons enough for you to invest in this tool.

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