Greenwood IN Air Conditioning – Guide On A/C Repairs In Greenwood IN

Many homeowners in Greenwood, IN, make an attempt to participate in proper care and upkeep of their household systems, including the heating and cooling, to the best of their abilities. Often, a first-time homebuyer isn’t prepared with adequate HVAC knowledge for consistent upkeep or maneuvering HVAC system complexities, even for standard usage. In many of those cases, searching for information can sometimes lend itself to misconceptions disguised as common knowledge that has the potential for creating great expense either in the way of loss of efficiency and utility bills or with significant repair costs due to damages that incur.

Greenwood IN Air Conditioning

Before paying attention to second-hand information that may or may not be accurate, it’s essential to reach out to a trusted air-conditioning repair service such as for expert guidance and to debunk the myths that are likely causing problems. Let’s look at some of the myths and see what we can find out.

Air Conditioning Myths And The Truth Behind Them

As a new homeowner in Greenwood, or even some seasoned owners, learning to maintain the systems and all that entails, especially with a complex unit like the cooling system, can take time and research. Unfortunately, not all of the information you find on search engines is accurate, even though it might fall under “common knowledge.” Some of these tips and tricks tend to fall under second-hand tidbits that you might want to take with a grain of salt. The best rule of thumb to follow when you’re looking for advice on “how-to” is if it doesn’t come from a reputable professional in the air conditioning industry, it could very well be a myth. Let’s look at a few and see if we can debunk these.

If you set the temperature lower, you can cool the household quicker

One thing setting your temperature lower will do is increase your energy waste. What it won’t do is cool your household at a faster rate. It doesn’t matter if you move the setting one degree or 20 degrees; the system will work similarly hard, ultimately reaching the appropriate temperature.

Hold onto the HVAC system for as long as you can

In times past, the general rule was no one would replace their air conditioning system until it ultimately died with no hopes for reviving it. It’s now recognized that replacing the unit when it reaches a specific point in its lifespan will cost a substantial amount initially. Still, you will add value to your property and save significant sums on repairs and overall utility costs in the long run. Older model air conditioning units grow less efficient as they age, but new models are expected to meet more stringent standards regarding efficiency guidelines.

Regular servicing is only a suggestion, not mandatory

When you find yourself with extraordinary HVAC repairs and outlandish costs for these repairs, you can rest assured these started as minor defects. Participating in homeowner care and upkeep is not a suggestion; it’s a requirement. Employing professionals for annual servicing, while not mandatory, will prevent these minor issues from turning into malfunctions or, worse, a complete shutdown.

Greenwood IN Air Conditioning - outdoor unit

That’s why this service (that should be completed once or twice per year) references preventative maintenance. The A/C repair technician will perform a tune-up to look for problems, clean, check for issues, make repairs as necessary, and maintain the system to avoid costly service calls throughout the year—professional services along with homeowner care and upkeep help to ensure the longevity of the A/C and optimum functionality. Look here for guidance on DIY servicing.

The bigger the unit, the better service you’ll receive

Systems should size according to the square footage associated with your household. If it’s too small or too large, it will run inefficiently for your specific home. Installing one that is larger than what you will need won’t benefit you in any capacity but, in fact, will consistently turn on and off, diminishing its life expectancy and using much more energy. You want one that is just right.

Vents should be closed in rooms you’re not using

The system will become strained when you close any of the vents; it doesn’t matter if you’re using the room or not. The air conditioning will still supply the same amount of air, but as it’s distributed, this disrupts the cycle, decreasing the blower’s efficiency.

Greenwood IN Air Conditioning - indoor unit

If your home is clean, there’s no need to change out the air filter

The air filter needs changing at least every 90 days, even for those who might vacuum regularly and perhaps don’t necessarily see dust production in their home. And if you use your air conditioner excessively, it’s wise to check the filter much more often and perhaps change it more frequently, maybe every 30 days – especially if you have pets producing hair/dander in the home.

Final Thought

There are probably many more A/C myths that float through various channels in Indiana. Again, the only way to learn the facts is through a reputable and professional A/C repair service. When you have a question or are unsure of something, reach out to an expert to guide you. In this way, you’ll learn adequate upkeep for your system, methods for troubleshooting problems and maybe save some money in costly repair fees. If it’s a serious issue, you’ll get optimum servicing before it turns into a significant malfunction.

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