Florist Taboos You Should Break

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Do you know that not all flowers are allowed to be used on different occasions traditionally? You read that right. For instance, using real and fresh floral bouquet on a valentine day may mean a lot to your loved one. In fact, ladies think that fresh flowers signify love and admiration. In other words, if you gift your loved one with a real flower, she feels more valued as a real partner unlike when you gift them with fake flowers. But do you think it’s sensible enough to ignore the impact of artificial flowers?
Florist Taboos You Should Break

Read on, and you’ll find out some of the florist taboos that you should break and why.

Gifting your significant other with artificial flowers

Traditionally, you could only use fresh flowers to signify the value, love, and passion that you have towards your partner. In addition to that, people think that giving them real flowers, especially during the love season means that you don’t see them as fake friends, and the fragrance that comes with that beautiful bouquet acts as a symbol of gratitude, love, adoration, and passion towards your lover.

However, it’s worth noting that artificial flowers aren’t less than fresh flowers. Not in meaning or appearance. Even better, they’re more advantageous than fresh floral. Do you want to know more about the added value you get by using artificial bouquets? Keep reading.

They signify everlasting love

Just imagine giving your partner a fresh flower that will wither after a day and a florist, bouquet of fake flowers that can last for years. Which of the two will show how much you love your spouse? To be honest, that long life flower is more significant to your loved one.

Remember that your partner will be seen that flower every day for years and will always remember how much you value her the moment she set her eyes on the bouquet. Isn’t that awesome? Then don’t you think believing that only fresh flowers can signify love is a stereotype that should be broken? That’s not all; here comes another point.

You can modify their look easily

Not all florist models are perfect for everyone. You all have taste and preferences. For this reason, you may want to change the arrangement and appearance of the bouquet that you want to buy for your partner. Sadly, you’ll realize that you cannot alter the organization of fresh flowers as they may die in the process. This is frustrating as their beauty may fade away when they wither.

Nevertheless, with artificial flowers, you can change the appearance anytime. If you’re after a particular arrangement, that can be done simply by the manufacturer to suit your needs. In other words, you know what your significant other loves, and if you really want your floral bouquet to matter, then you must think of the arrangement that can draw her attention as well as show how much you genuinely care about her. Then again, that can only be achieved if you choose simulated flowers as they can be altered without any adverse effect.

Not as costly as real flowers

Just picture this; you purchase fresh flowers at about $100, and after a day, they’re all in the dustbin. It’s maddening, right? What about buying a beautiful bouquet at $20 and it lasts for as many years as possible? You see the point, right?

Therefore, instead of spending a fortune to buy a floral that won’t last for days, why don’t you break that stereotype that you can only gift your significant other with a fresh flower on a valentine day? Remember that those you call fake flowers are also striking, flawless, and they look as original as real flowers. Don’t forget it’s not only about cost, here comes another interesting point.

They have immense choices

What color combinations do you like? Let’s say red combined with white is your favorite color, how can you react if your partner brings you only purple roses on lovers’ day? Strictly speaking, you won’t feel honored or valued. But in any case, you should know that if the only option available in the market for fresh flowers is purple roses, you can only go with that.

The point is that of artificial flowers, the options are limitless and you aren’t restricted by anything to choose the color combination that you want. What’s more, you can request the manufacturer to mix different colors as you may like. However, for real flowers, you can only choose from what is available in the season.

They aren’t allergic

Is your partner allergic to some floral smells? Then what do you do on valentine day if you only believe in the power of fresh flowers? Believe it or not, you need to break that florist stereotype. Remember that for your partner to see how much you love and value her, you must gift her with something she’ll also appreciate.

But do you think she can feel admired and adored if the flowers you give her cause more harm than good? Therefore, giving her scent flowers should be a no go. But that doesn’t mean you failed to give her flowers. In other words, you can choose to gift her with artificial flowers, which also look as fabulous as natural floral.

Using simulated flowers on a wedding day

Our ancestors, as well as those aged parents, don’t give much attention to artificial flowers. As a matter of fact, they feel that using them on occasions like weddings should be a big NO. This is one of the most common florist taboos. They only value real flowers, especially when commemorating such a special moment. That is from the bridal bouquet, floral bouquets for table arrangements, to all decorations, they think that fresh flowers are ideal so that their scent can be enjoyed for that particular moment.

Even though fresh flowers are valued for that reason, no one should ignore the benefits that come with using artificial flowers during weddings. The fact that those plastic flowers can last for not only weeks or months, but also years if well taken care of, their significance shouldn’t be overlooked at all.

Don’t forget that every bride likes keeping memories of their special day, and one of the recollections come from the flowers used. Besides, seeing those flowers every day can signify that their love will be everlasting, unlike when the fresh flowers are used as they’re forgotten after that particular day. For that reason, you may consider using artificial flowers for your wedding, and if you want to know more about the various options available in the market, you can visit, a company that provides quality florist to the whole of New York City for various occasions. That is, from color combination to arrangement.

For this reason, nobody should cling on to the forefathers believe that only fresh flowers can be used on a wedding day. Remember that as said earlier, artificial flowers are also suitable for weddings and are more significant to use as they are everlasting, unlike real flowers.

Using fake flowers during burials

You all know that traditionally, putting real flowers on a graveside or a cemetery signify real love for the dead person. Actually, for thousands of years now, only fresh flowers were used during burials and on gravesites as they’re thought to signify love, respect, purity, and innocence of the fallen person.

This is a taboo that should be broken as artificial floral can also show respect and the love you have towards the bereaved, as they don’t wither easily as real flowers. Besides, using fresh flowers during burial may not be meaningful after a week or so, since the floral beauty will fade away and will long be forgotten.

In fact, many floral experts recommend artificial flowers for graves for various reasons, which include:

  • The flowers cannot be affected during harsh weather conditions
  • They are cheaper compared to real flowers, hence you can buy as many as your budget allows
  • They continue looking stunning at the gravesite for several years, thus saves you money as you won’t be required to obtain more flowers monthly to ensure the grave looks beautiful.
  • They’re perfect for both winter and spring seasons as they can withstand anything.

Using synthetic flowers in your home

Many people believe that freshly cut flowers like the lavenders, jasmine, lilies, roses and many more are perfect for houses. Actually, that’s what my sister thought some months ago. According to her, the only kind of flowers that could make a home vibrant as well as outstanding was fresh flowers. What’s more, she thought that only real flowers could make the house look heavenly by adding to the beauty of all interiors.

Florist Taboos you should break - flowers in the living room

In fact, she hated it when anyone brought artificial flowers at home, and only thought that they could just be placed in seldom-used areas like bedroom corridors or store windows if not thrown away. However, even though the fresh flowers have a refreshing scent, some of the family members were allergic to the smell and felt uneasy while in the house.

She, therefore, decided to try the artificial flowers as advised. After a week of using those fake flowers, she realized that she was absolutely wrong about them. First of all, everyone was happier in the house than when using fresh flowers, the maintenance was easier as she only had to wash them, saved her money and time as she didn’t have to change them now and then, and the flowers looked as beautiful as real ones.

The point is, holding on to that believe that only fresh flowers can make your house look beautiful and striking should be a big NO. Note that you can achieve the amazing look that you want for your home even with artificial flowers.

Using artificial flowers to enhance your moods

It’s a bit practical that the scent of freshly cut floral can act as a mood enhancer and can improve concentration levels. However, that same fragrance can have adverse psychological and health effects to those who are sensitive to smells.

What many people ignore is the fact that even the colors of the flowers can boost your moods. Therefore, you should do away with this stereotype that only the fragrance of freshly cut jasmine, passion flower, or Calendula can make you stop in your tracks.

In fact, buying artificial flowers of different colors, and especially floral bouquets with and attractive colors can enhance the mood of a boring office setting. Another thing, seeing those colors now and then can help uplift the working atmosphere as well as brighten your day. Even better, having artificial flowers with attractive colors either at home or in your office can help heighten the mood for the long term; hence you’ll be more productive in both settings.

Remember that they don’t only boost your mood, but also boost your creativity in everything that you do. To top it off, if you place beautiful artificial flowers on your working desk, you will definitely be optimistic in your work, and all the visitors that you’ll have will feel relaxed as well as positive about you.

Using synthetic flowers in churches

Even though Christians once thought that flowers could only be used by pagans, that belief has changed drastically. Currently, different types of flowers are used in churches today to signify different things. For instance, they put fresh white roses in the church to signify the purity of the Virgin Mary, and real red roses to indicate the blood of Jesus.

Beyond that, Christians decorate their church altars with fresh flowers. Nonetheless, Christians should understand that it’s costly and time wastage to keep on changing flowers now and then as fresh floral can only be used for one day.

Besides, decorating the altar with artificial flowers can make the church look as beautiful and stunning as when using fresh flowers. The only difference is that artificial flowers can be used for several years as long as they are well maintained, unlike fresh flowers, which cannot be used for two church meetings.

Therefore, it’s important for Christians to change this belief that only freshly cut floral can be used in the altar, as fake flowers can also have the same impact.

For centuries, freshly cut flowers have been valued by many cultures for different occasions. As a matter of fact, many people think that artificial flowers cannot be used for the same purpose as real flowers. They believe that fresh flowers signify adoration, purity, and love among other things to your loved ones. They, therefore, ignore the fact that artificial flowers can be used in place of real flowers to portray the same meaning.

In fact, artificial flowers are more advantageous to use on some occasions than real flowers, as they are everlasting, and they don’t pose health problems to those who are allergic to flower smells. What’s more, they can withstand any weather condition especially when used outdoors, and you don’t have to keep changing them now and then. For these reasons, people should break some of the florist stereotypes and embrace the magical benefits of using artificial flowers. Don’t let florist taboos stop you from exploring the world of artificial flowers.

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