How to choose a good sofa

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One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is the sofa. Your living room feels incomplete without it. So what do you do if it’s your first time buying a sofa? Do you just go for the one that you can afford or is there more to it?

How to choose a good sofa

Finally, here is a complete guide on how to choose a good sofa. You can also check out Haute Home LA for more information.

Check the Strength of the Frame

The first thing that you should consider when buying a sofa is its durability. You want something that will last you for a quite a while before you decide to replace it. Therefore, you should avoid sofas that have frames made from softwoods such as pine or plastic or metal. This is because these materials have a tendency to deform and crack with time. The materials are too weak to withstand continuous usage. In most cases, such sofas last for an average of 5 years.

Make sure that the frame is made from hardwood such as dried oak. In addition, the legs of the sofa should be held together with screws instead of just glue. A good way to test the strength of the sofa is to lift one corner of the frame at least 6 inches from the floor and watch how the other front leg rests. If it also rises and doesn’t remain on the floor, you have a sturdy frame and should seriously consider buying the sofa.

Make Sure that the Frame Pieces are well joined Together

Another sign that you should look out for is the way the wooden frame pieces are held up together. Avoid sofas that are framed together using glue because they are weak and can easily break if you sit on them ‘wrongly.’ Make sure the wooden pieces are put together using wooden corner blocks, double dowels or brackets, and metal screws.

Sometimes it can be hard to identify the type of joinery used on your sofa, especially if you are buying from a retailer. In that case, it would be advisable to ask them about the manufacturer’s name and where you can find data on the sofa’s joinery.

Sit on a Sofa with Springs before Buying it

Most modern sofas have in-built springs that offer extra support. Before you buy a sofa, sit on it and feel the springs. Although the springs help make the sofa more comfortable, they can be a disaster when damaged. Make sure that the spring on your sofa is firm and properly held together. If the spring isn’t properly placed or sturdy enough, it can quickly sag and loose the bouncing effect.

The best way to judge a spring is to sit at the corner of the sofa and listen for any strange noises. If the springs make a squeaking sound, they are not properly placed.

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Considering the Type of Sofa

If you are thinking about the type of sofa that you should buy, there are a number of options: from sectional to Lawson-style to Chesterfield. You can go with the sofa that matches your style and preference. Whether you’re considering a Chesterfield sofa for sale or any other style, you should think about the number of guests that you’ll be inviting over to your house. That way, you can have a sofa that allows everyone to sit.

A big factor when you learning how to choose a good sofa is making a list of all the pros and cons of different sofa styles and then choose the one that seems to match your style and has the most advantages.

If it’s not Made of Leather, Make sure the Material is Tough

Sofas made from linen and cotton can also be durable, especially if the stitching is well done. Poor stitching can leave loose weaves that can be easily pulled and damage the sofa with time. A good alternative is synthetic microfiber that has been shown to be tougher than most natural materials. What makes synthetic fiber more durable than linen or cotton is the fact that it can be easily cleaned. On the other hand, wool can last for a long time, but it’s quite expensive.

Before you buy the sofa, it’s advisable that you buy a nice piece of the fabric used to make the sofa and take it home with you. Then, place it where the sofa will go and notice how light bounces off it. If it impresses you, go for that sofa.

Judging the qualities of a sofa is very important if you want it to have a major impact on your house. Use the above guideline on how to choose a good sofa and you can’t make a mistake. Always remember that your look is unique and what works for you may not necessarily work for others. Therefore, don’t be ashamed to go for a sofa that you love, and you believe will last long. If your budget is not big the you should check out sofa in a box. At a half price of regular sofa you can get a good and comfortable sofa.

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