The Secret to Finding Motivation for Cleaning Your Home

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Most people would agree, cleaning is not a fun activity. However, it is a necessary evil. Unless someone is an extremely organized person who actually takes pride in alphabetizing their shelves and drawers, having a long to-do list of chores that need to be done is the opposite of having a great time.

The Secret to Finding Motivation for Cleaning Your Home

There are steps a person can take to make cleaning and organizing a bit less painless. From using services like a Discount Dumpster Rental to using the tips here, there are more than a few ways to make getting and keeping a home clean easier and something that occurs more organically.

Put on Some Music

One of the same things that can motivate someone to get through their workout will also help them get into cleaning and enjoying everything about it. Take some time to make a 20-minute playlist. Once created, hit “play” and start cleaning. Keep cleaning until the music is over. Most people want to keep the momentum going even after the last song on the playlist finishes. You can also read: Benefits of Music on our Mind, Culture and Relationship.

Set a Timer

Like the playlist trick, just set the timer for a short amount of time. For most people, 20 minutes is a manageable amount. It is also fine to stop when the timer goes off. Just remember to remain focused during the entire 20-minute period.

Put One Item Back Where It Goes

When walking through the living room, it can be tempting to ignore items that are out of place. However, if a dirty glass is noticed on the table, don’t just allow it to sit there. Instead, go ahead and take it to the kitchen where it should be. This is going to help reduce the huge mess. Also, doing these small tasks will remind someone how painless the jobs they have been avoided really are. These little tasks will add up and make cleaning up much easier and faster.

Plan a Reward

After a job well done, go for a pedicure or out to brunch. This is going to motivate someone to get the job done because there is something fun and exciting to do when the work is done. It is also much easier to relax without having to worry about not getting anything done.

Handle a Single Small Task Per Day

There is no reason to try to clean like it is 1965. It is not reasonable to spend an entire day cleaning things up. However, if someone assigns themselves a single small chore to handle each day of the week, by the time Sunday rolls around, the person will be able to take the day off from cleaning while still having a spotless home to enjoy.

The Secret to Finding Motivation for Cleaning Your Home - cleaning

Ask for a Friend to Come Help

It can be difficult to encourage a friend to come over to help clean, but promising things like pizza and wine may do the trick. When there is something in it for them, they may oblige. Cleaning with a friend is much better than cleaning alone. The two get to clean and chat and even get rid of unwanted items. Also, getting a second opinion about what to keep and what to throw out can be beneficial and prevent hoarding.

Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

Some people cannot get dressed in the morning without leaving a huge mess behind them. Try to admit this flaw. Once it is admitted, it is time to accommodate it. For this example, put a small chair in the location where the mess would be. This is going to help limit the size of the mess that can be created because a chair can only hold so much. It will also help to keep the mess up and off the floor.

Purchase a New Cleaning Product

Like when someone would buy a new pair of shoes or a new outfit, they cannot wait to show it off. If someone invests in an all-new cleaning product, there is a good chance they will be motivated to use it.

Use a Trigger

Triggers are actions that will result in a true result. For example, having scotch while watching “Mad Men.” If someone always loads the dishwasher after they have a cup of coffee, this is going to eventually become a habit and automatic behavior. Just having a cup of coffee may provide the impulse needed to clean.

Invite People Over

If someone finds they always have a mess on their hands, a strong motivation to clean things up is by inviting people over. It can even be better if the in-laws are coming over. No one wants others to see their terrible secret. When people are expected to spot by or come over, they are going to be much more motivated to get things cleaned up before people arrive.

Face the Facts

Having a clean house is more comfortable. It is also linked to the people who live there being more comfortable. This should be enough motivation to get things cleaned and organized and keep them that way. By taking some time to review the information here, it is possible to have a clean house that a person is comfortable in and that they are proud to show off to others. Don’t underestimate the benefits of getting things cleaned. This will make a person happier and even improve the overall health of the house for everyone who lives there.

Don’t Wait To Start Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning a house, there are many factors to keep in mind. While it can be hard to get the motivation to get started, many find that after the first bit of cleaning is done, they are encouraged to keep going. This is beneficial and helps to ensure that the entire home will be clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris. Be sure to keep the motivation tips mentioned here in mind. This is going to pay off for anyone, in any home, regardless of the size of their home.

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