How To Use LED Lights To Grow Your Own Cannabis Indoors

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Growing your own cannabis indoors gives you full control over the production process, starting from the germination of the seed up until you smoke it. It’s good to know what you’re consuming and how it’s treated and handled, and getting to choose the fertilizers and nutrients used in the process, setting your own quality standards. Growing your own cannabis also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different growing methods, you can also choose to grow the entire plant and test out the extra plant material instead of only growing the bud. Not to mention, growing your own cannabis sure will save you a lot of money. 

How To Use LED Lights To Grow Your Own Cannabis Indoors

Here’s how you can grow your own cannabis indoors using LED lights.


To grow your own cannabis, you must invest in the proper tools. When you search around, you’ll probably come across several sources that suggest you buy several expensive items. However, all you need is a few tools that you can easily get a hold of and will round up to about $200 (excluding the grow lights). You will need LED indoor grow lightroom glasses, a pruning shear that has straight stainless steel blades, a pocket microscope with Aspheric Lens System, which is essential for harvesting, a soft-sided fabric plant container, which is also a must, different sizes measuring spoons, and a digital wireless temperature and humidity monitor. You should also never attempt to grow cannabis without a pH meter. Maintaining the right pH balance is crucial as cannabis is sensitive to even the slightest changes. 

LED Lights

If you are a beginner, the type of LED lights that you choose will determine the ease of the process. The experts at Grow Light Info also discuss the importance of looking into the lights’ output and efficiency. Some LED lights are designed to help you grow only female parts of the plant. The plants even auto-flower, which is awesome. These types of LED lights are extremely helpful as they will save you the time and nuisance of looking for and removing the male parts of the plants. 

How To Use LED Lights To Grow Your Own Cannabis Indoors - cannabis

Growing Timeline

Cannabis plants that are naturally grown usually grow over the course of one year. It is important to learn about this process because it can help you effectively manipulate the growth of your plant. Typically, if you grow cannabis at home, the process will take around 4 months. The seed harvesting will take up to 3 months or more, then the plant will take a week to dry, and then 2 or more weeks for curing. As a beginner, it is advised that you operate with feminized seeds and auto flowers that have been bred to not generate male parts and flowers in a way that would maintain blooming. If you decide to go with non-feminized seeds, you will have to know the difference between male and female parts so that you can identify them. You will be able to identify male and female plants around 3 weeks after seeding. Look out for plants that contain small pollen-filled sacks, as these are the male plants. The female plants have pistils that look like small, feathery hairs. 

Basic Components

You don’t need many resources to successfully grow a cannabis plant. If you provide the right resources in the right amounts, you will have great buds in no time. You need to provide your plant with the right lights in the right color spectrums and light intensity. Luckily, there are many resources that can inform you on the right LED lights, and as mentioned above, there are ones curated especially to optimize your cannabis growing experience. The quality of air and airflow and movement are essential to ensure the growth of strong stems and leaves. You also need to consider how you will grow your plants. Are you planning to use soil, coco coir, or skip the soil and use hydroponics? It’s also important to maintain a minimum temperature of 22C or 72F. The temperature will usually stay below 28C or 82F as the heat will be exhausted from the growing area. The ideal humidity levels should lie between 40 to 50%. Do not exceed 50% as you will most likely struggle with pests and fungus. Nutrients will help you a lot with the growing process. However, make sure to follow the instructions as your plants can get injured if you misuse them. The water and nutrients mix should maintain the correct pH balance. You should opt for pH levels between 6 and 7 for the best results.

Growing your own cannabis is advantageous for many reasons. It helps you ensure the quality and leaves plenty of room for experimentation. It is a relatively easy process that requires minimum effort and resources. However, to ensure great results, there are several things that you should keep in mind. 

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