IKEA Kitchen Installation: Tips for A New Kitchen

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A new kitchen can do a lot to improve your home, but a remodel can also be stressful. We’ve put together some tips to help make the planning and installation of your new kitchen an easy project.

IKEA Kitchen Installation

Conduct some Research on the Elements You Want to Include

It’s great that you’re now ready to invest in a new kitchen. But what exactly do you want? It’s good to have a list of the equipment, features, and fixtures you want to have in your new design. There are lots of options these days in materials, styles, colors, and function. Consider factors such as your property type and the look that lends itself best when doing your research.

Planning the Layout

Your lifestyle should determine the kitchen layout that you will design. If you are a busy family with kids, you may want to have seating as part of the kitchen to make the space more family friendly with the kids seated doing their homework while you prepare meals. You should also think of the kind of appliances you use that fit into your lifestyle. As a general rule, the kitchen layout should be dictated by the triangle theory between fridge, cooker, and sink. The distance between them should be kept small, while incorporating worktops between them where it’s possible for preparing food and a surface to place utensils.

The Design

When creating the design, think of what could be the most practical yet most aesthetically pleasing style. Try to strike a fine balance between the two factors. For instance, if you live in a modern flat or build a new extension, a more modern style of kitchen could be your best option, especially if you love to keep things spotless, clean, simple, and light.

The Budget

Think of how much you want to spend on the type of kitchen you plan to invest in. It can be tricky to figure out exactly how much you will spend. But it often all boils down to what exactly your project will entail. When thinking of the kitchen budget, it’s best to break it into four broad sections: cabinets, worktops, appliances, and installation. 

IKEA Kitchen Installation - installation

Add Some Personality

You can add personality in your kitchen with the colors you choose for the walls, kitchen appliances, and even cabinets. Even if you’re thinking of a more contemporary kitchen, remember that there are numerous other options besides glossy white.

Consult and Expert

Its worth investing in the services of an expert in kitchen design. Even if you’re planning to purchase prefabricated units, you can benefit a lot if you contact a professional IKEA Kitchen Installation professional to avoid making any expensive mistakes. Good planning is key to designing a new kitchen that functions efficiently and looks amazing. The design and layout you select should be determined by your lifestyle. Do some research to find out what is available, and what you can afford. Create a budget and consult a professional before you proceed with anything.

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