How to find the best local cleaning service

Finding a reliable local cleaning service can be more difficult than you think. There are a lot of new business and individuals who offer cleaning services but very high number of them doesn’t guarantee that the job will be done properly. The second thing you need to have in mind is the safety of your home. When you hire a cleaning service and let them in your home, you need to be sure that your home is safe and that nothing is missing after “cleaning” is finished. Always choose local cleaning services that have a large number of employees and the brand that is recognizable in your area. Furthermore, here are few basic tips for finding the best local cleaning service.

Get recommendations

One of the easiest ways of finding local cleaners with a good reputation to help with your cleaning requirements is to ask around from your friends and family. This is especially helpful because if they have hired a cleaning person in the past they know the behaviours of the person they hired and the reputation of the cleaning service they are from. It also helps as you learn the rates of the service before you can hire. Additionally, with a wide network of friends and family, you can get recommendations for many services which you can choose one from.

Search online

This is another good method to use when looking for local cleaning service if your efforts to find referrals do not yield any results. You can get a lot of websites advertising their services just by searching for any services available in your area on a search engine. You can also search for the services by looking through online classifieds for your area. When you find any services that you fancy, check through their website a dig around looking for the reviews they have been given by previous customers. This will help eliminate a few candidates and leave you with one service that ticks all your boxes. When you get that one service, call them on the number they have provided and ask about how they operate.

How to find the best local cleaning service - cleaning services


To find a reputable cleaning service in your area that you can trust, ensure that you inquire about the number of jobs they have done and the reviews they have received from their customers. There may be plenty of cleaning services available some of which are just recently established with inadequate experience. Getting a veteran cleaning service will give you peace of mind when they work for you since they have been in the business for a long duration. Also, ensure that the cleaners that are being sent over have enough certifications to indicate that they are professionals. If they are insured or bonded is an added advantage as it will give you a peace of mind in case they break anything when they are working.

Plan ahead

When you are looking for a cleaning service, it is necessary that you plan ahead. Most of the reputable cleaning services have their schedule filled by customers for long periods of time, sometimes even spreading to months. In order to get someone to help you with your cleaning job on a specific date, it is recommended that you make an earlier appointment so that someone can be made available for you on that day.

Find out how they work

You may find a cleaning service that you like, but before you can give them the job, you need to find out how they conduct their services. What time do they start working, how many people do they send per job and the rates of cleaning either per job or per hour? Also, inquire whether they do their own waste disposal or you will be required to use your own bins. Additionally, ask about what types of products they use on the job in case there is someone in your house or workplace who is allergic to the products they use.