Dyson v10 Vs v11

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Dyson v10 Vs v11 are the two models of a vacuum cleaner. But their significance of popularity is that they are wireless and facilitates the users to move freely without the issue of wire anywhere. Both the vacuum cleaners have the same structure and size yet there are some specific features that make one different from the other one.

Dyson v10 Vs v11

Let’s take a look at how Dyson v10 is different from Dyson v11.

Features that differentiate Dyson v10 and v11

Following are some features of the above-mentioned models of vacuum cleaners. Explanation of each specs of product you will read that described briefly.

1. Power:

Dyson v10 has a power of 151 air watts while Dyson v11 has a power of 185 air watts. Though the difference in the power between the two is not too much yet it really affects the suction power of the vacuum cleaners. Some practical studies have shown that Dyson v11 has a nozzle of 49cfm and a wand of 59cfm. While Dyson v10 has a nozzle of 39cfm and a wand of 59cfm. This means Dyson v11 has greater suction power than Dyson v10 and it strongly sucks the in-depth dirt.

2. Running time:

According to the manufacturers of these vacuum cleaners, both the models have the same running time i.e. of 60 minutes. However, some practical studies have proved that Dyson v11 has a running time of 81 minutes. It means it offers a bonus of 21 minutes. So, if you have a larger area of your floor to clean. You need not worry if you are using Dyson v11.

3. Recharge:

The recharging time of Dyson v11 differs from Dyson v10. Dyson v11 takes 4.5 hours to recharge itself completely. However, Dyson v10 takes an hour less i.e. 3.5 hours to recharge completely. If you are in a hurry to clean the floor and can’t sit longer and wait for Dyson v11 to charge completely then Dyson v10 is a good option. If you find out that it will take less than an hour to clean up the floor then Dyson v10 is a good option but if you think cleaning will take more than an hour, then you have to wait for the complete recharging of Dyson v11.

Dyson v10 Vs v11 - Dyson v11

4. Weight of vacuum cleaners:

Both the vacuum cleaners have a variation in their weights. Dyson v10 weighs around 5.9 pounds whereas, Dyson v11 weighs approximately 6.68 pounds. Overall, the difference in their weight is often inconsiderable yet it makes a difference. Handling and pushing Dyson v10 is much easier than doing the same to Dyson v11. Normally, there is a frequent question asked by the customers, what makes the weight of Dyson v11 higher than that of Dyson v10 if they are of the same size? The answer to this question is Dyson v11 has a larger motor and battery capacity. This makes it slightly heavier than Dyson v10.

5. Movability:

The size and design of both Dyson v10 and Dyson v11 are the same and so their movability is also the same. The handling of both the vacuum cleaners is the same. Both can clean your floor even under the furniture or tiny spaces.

Maintenance of these cleaners:

The models before Dyson v10 and v11 have replaceable filters so one has to dispose of the dirt-filled filters and buy new filters for the proper working of the vacuum cleaner. However, this case is different from Dyson v10 and v11. Both come up with washable filters. So, there is no need to buy new filters. What a user has to do is properly clean the filter of the vacuum. It is advised to wash the filter at least once a month to maintain its working. A person should also buy filters for a safer side.

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