Whether you’re trying to free up space and deal with the clutter in your current home, or you need to temporarily store your belongings while moving to a different place, renting a safe and secure storage unit provides an excellent, space-saving solution. However, not all storage units are the same, and there is a wide range of unit sizes and services that you can choose from. Remember, you don’t want to end up with a space that is too big or too small for your storage needs.

Planning to Rent a Storage Unit

Here’s a list of a few crucial things you should consider when selecting a storage unit:


The first thing to consider is the location of the storage unit or facility and its proximity from your home and workplace. Thus, make sure to choose a storage unit nearest to your home to save transportation costs and have easier access to your belongings. This is all the more necessary if you’re planning to visit frequently to retrieve items during the storage period. Although proximity is essential to consider, never settle for a storage facility if it doesn’t have all the amenities you need.


The cost is a major factor when deciding on a storage solution. Additionally, the type of contract, storage period, and additional fees are factors that will add to the cost. Moreover, most storage facilities typically offer a monthly contract which can be both affordable and convenient since it gives the customer an option to either store temporarily or for a long term. Since there are many options available in the market, compare prices and choose a unit that is within your budget.


When searching for self-storage options, select a storage facility that you can entrust your valuables with. Although most of the facilities have adequate security features, the extent of the safety measures they provide may vary. Facilities commonly provide a lock and key, but there are many storage companies that offer high standard security for you to store your belongings. If you’re unfamiliar with storage units but are searching for secure storage space, click here to get a better idea of the features your storage facility should have. Thus, before selecting a storage unit, make sure you’re satisfied with the offered level of security. In short, avoid making the mistake of storing your prized possessions in a place compromising security.

Planning to Rent a Storage Unit - storage units


If you’re storing temperature-sensitive items like clothes, books, or furniture, it’s preferable to rent a climate and humidity-controlled unit. These units have high protection features to ensure your items remain in good condition by preventing them from getting damaged. Furthermore, if you live in a place that experiences harsh weather conditions, it’s advisable to rent a storage unit that is located indoors, especially if you’re storing your items for a longer-term.


Finally, select a storage company that has insurance options since even with the best storage units, there is a possibility of theft or some other unfortunate accident. Thus, insuring your items will not only give you some relief, but you’ll also be able to receive compensation in case your items get stolen or damaged.

Since storage units have become quite popular, deciding which one to choose from the various options available can be confusing. However, if you keep these important factors in mind, you’ll be able to select a storage unit that best suits your needs.