5 Simple DIY Kitchen Upgrades to Transform Your Home

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The kitchen is among the most frequented and exciting parts of a house. A lot of people tend to renovate the living room, bedroom, and bathrooms before revamping this space. But if you’ve used your kitchen for years without making any changes, it’s high time you gave it the facelift it deserves.

DIY kitchen upgrades

You don’t have to do costly repairs and replacements to change the face of your kitchen. Here are five simple and affordable DIY changes you can make to improve your space.

1) Upgrade Kitchen Faucets

Replacing old taps is a simple DIY project that doesn’t have to take the whole day to complete. If you are still using the old out-of-date faucets, you need to shop for modern and classy pieces. Look for a reliable source of faucets that are modern and durable. Rangemaster kitchen taps have amazing designs that offer multiple features, which make washing dishes more enjoyable. There’s also a wide range of styles and finishes to make your kitchen look stunning.

2) Add a Stylish Backsplash

A backsplash offers multiple benefits to your kitchen. It adds a sense of style and prevents stains from sticking to your walls. Installing a backsplash will amplify the personality of your kitchen and make it feel modern. You can go for patterned ceramic tiles or stick to a white subway tile. If you are working on a budget, go for shiplap or wainscoting panels, which are affordable but perfect for the backsplash.

3) Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your wooden cabinets are still in good shape, give them a touch of style by repainting the surfaces. Your cabinets might have dated colors that make the place dull and less appealing. Instead of wasting money on a whole new set, choose a color that blends well with your interior design. You can decide to go classic white, light grey, or even try out a two-toned look. Using a sprayer is the easiest and most effective way to get a glossy and smooth finish.

DIY kitchen upgrades - painted cabinets

4) Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting up your kitchen space can bring out the beauty of the newly painted walls and cabinets. Shop for modern but affordable light fixtures to add over your peninsula or island. You can go for a dramatic pendant or a gooseneck sconce placed perfectly over your kitchen sink. Another form of lighting to consider installing is under cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lights add a stylish look to your kitchen and enable you to read recipes and find ingredients more easily. However, this might not be possible when you only have overhead lighting due to the casting of shadows.

5) Hang Art Work on Kitchen Walls

This might seem like an overboard addition to the space, but it’s a unique way to make it more appealing. Use vintage seascapes and landscapes to bring out a unique feel of style to your space. You can also add a touch of brilliance to your old appliances by covering them with beautiful wallpaper. For instance, you can look for a unique wallpaper to cover your fridge and seal it using polyurethane to enhance water resistance.

Bonus Tip: Install a Plate Rack or a New Countertop

You can use the extra space on your walls to increase your storage space. Installing an open plate rack improves the functionality and charm of your kitchen dramatically. It’s an excellent way to remove clutter from your counters and enhance easy access to your cabinets. If you want your kitchen to really shine you can install a white quartz countertops.

Bottom Line

Don’t let your old fixtures and faded cabinets affect your perfect interiors. Make these quick, inexpensive changes to improve the look and value of your kitchen!

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