How to maximize lighting at home

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Having proper lighting is one of the most important factors for having a pleasant stay in the home. Bad lighting can have negative effects on a person, such as poor mood and a lack of focus. Maximizing light in the home is not a particularly expensive or time-consuming task, and yet it’s incredibly vital in any case.

How to maximize lighting at home

Always use mirrors

Mirrors are an amazing way to increase natural light in any given room with a window. When placed either next, or opposite, a window, mirrors will reflect the light across the room. This will not only make the room extremely well lit during the day, but it will also make it look larger, due to the mirror making an optical illusion. A well-placed mirror will make the room feel more stylish too, so it’s definitely one of the most important tricks to use.

Utilize reflective surfaces

Not every surface is made with reflection in mind. While some absorb light, which will make any room feel dimmer and darker, there are surfaces that reflect light, which will create a similar effect like a mirror. A back-painted glass backsplash is the perfect example of this when used properly in a kitchen. That way your kitchen will always reflect light, and you’ll never have to worry about it not being poorly lit.

Regularly replace the lights

Things like malfunctioning bulbs, lamps, or fixtures can really make a room feel oppressively dark. Proper maintenance is key, so always make sure to replace any malfunctioning lighting item as soon as you feel it’s about to give way. That’s why you need to find a light fittings UK store like Spares2You that has all of the spares you could possibly need. Sometimes it’s smart to even stock ahead of time, as all light sources and fixtures will stop working after a while.

How to maximize lighting at home - living room

Open up the windows

One of the main functions of a window is to let the light come into the room. If a window is blocked, either by furniture, or by heavy curtains, then you’ll immediately lose all of the natural light that was coming into the room. Having several artificial light sources is definitely not a bad idea, but nothing is able to replace natural light. Consider either letting the windows completely uncovered, or if you’re using windows treatments, they should be as light as possible.

Have multiple sources of light

While having more natural light should always be a priority, you won’t be able to properly function at night if you don’t have several light sources. That’s not to say you should go overboard with placing lights at every corner of the home, but you should consider having more than one light source in any given room. For example, don’t settle with one light in your kitchen when you can have more than one, like pendant lighting for kitchen island. That way you’ll always be able to light the room up if you so please, but you’ll also have options on how much light you’d want during the night.

Lighting is an absolutely important part of the home. It’s a basic and vital aspect of everyday life, and you shouldn’t skip out on having good clean and natural lights in the home.

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    I like how you mentioned that always make sure to replace any malfunctioning lighting item as soon s you feel it’s about to give way as proper maintenance is a key. A friend of mine told me last night that they cannot turn on their bedroom light even it has been replaced by a new bulb and asked me what is the best option to do. Thanks for this helpful information and I’ll be sure to tell her that it is better that she may contact lighting or electrical services to help them resolve the problem.

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