How to determine the best leather brand?

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How to determine the best leather brand

If you’re planning to buy a leather sofa but want to know if you should at all, we’re here to share the benefits and drawbacks. There are plenty of sofa brands in the market, but before choosing them, you must know a little about leather sofas. There are plenty of people who swear by buying leather upholstery. Note all the impacts you’d have when buying the best furniture type.

Benefits and drawbacks of buying leather

Before exploring the best leather sofas, brands know the reasons why you should at all buy. The advantages and disadvantages help you consider the right reasons to choose leather sofas.


  1. Leather lasts long, so it is just like another investment you make. It stays four times longer than faux leather sofas of similar design.
  2. They don’t have high maintenance as people tend to assume before buying one. You need to wash fabric sofas once a while and unzip the cushion covers for washing. However, leather has a simpler cleaning option. You need mild soap and water to wipe it up gently.
  3. It is easy to use leather cream to maintain a high quality of leather furnishing. This sort of attention for sofas make it last longer.
  4. Most leather sofas don’t come with detachable cushions. You need to hover in the crevices to wipe down.
  5. The material is itself so thick that it increases durability and keeps it free from scratches. You can easily use leather polish to maintain shine.
  6. If you spill anything on leather, it is easy to wipe down. Fabric makes it hard for you because you need to scrub and also make sure that the upholstery is beautiful. Most times, you need to prevent stains and be careful around the fabric.
  7. Leather doesn’t absorb any smell as the material does. It is good when you have pets and kids around. You can also easily wipe off or brush off animal fur.
  8. Most products wither when they age, but leather gets better with time.


  1. The biggest problem with quality leather options is the price. People need to share a fortune to buy a product as expensive as this. Many people are put off with the price itself.
  2. There can be kids and pets that want to jump around the sofa. However, it can reduce the durability of the product.
  3. Some people don’t like the feeling of touching leather. They might not feel comfortable to sit on it.
  4. Leather absorbs the temperature of the environment. This means, in summer it is hot, and in winters it is cold. If your room temperature is comfortable, it will absorb that. If it is still a problem, you can use a cover.
  5. Genuine leather has variants, and you need to know what you’re looking for. Some of its types can scuff and scratch, while some are resistant to this. The high graded ones are best to use but are also the most expensive options.
  6. Leather has fewer color options or patterns because they’re natural.

How to determine the best leather brand - white leather sofa

What are the leather options to buy?

The type of leather will help you understand what you’re about to buy. The following will give you an idea:

  1. Aniline leather

These have a little coating the surface that protects the sofa from scratches and spills. They are natural looking and please your home aesthetically. If you don’t have pets and kids at home, this is the perfect option to buy. You will love the natural color and qualities of the animal hide.

  1. Semi-aniline leather

These are thicker than the regular ones and come with a better coating. It is resistant to stains and completely aniline due to tiny amounts of pigment. The color of this dye is consistent all across the sofa.

  1. Pigmented leather

This type of leather uses a polymer coating and protects the leather better. Most leather sofas use this leather type to ensure longevity. No matter which brand you choose, you will find products made of pigmented leather. These are more commonly used and come with a protective coating that makes the thickness better. If you look for an option that is less expensive compared to classic leather furniture, you can choose pigmented leather.

Is faux leather good to buy?

Many people wish to buy leather, but they settle with faux leather as these are less expensive. There are also people who love animals and don’t want to use anything that is made of their skin. Faux leather is not made of genuine leather and doesn’t include animal hide. They are an amazing animal-free alternative that makes you appreciate the look and feel. The only problem that people have with faux leather is that it isn’t durable. If you buy this leather furniture, you need to maintain it well. They are not resistant to rips or scratches and need constant protection. Faux leather wears out with time, while original leather gets better like fine wine. They are soft and comfortable and serve you well, and many top brands specialize in making furniture with faux leather too. You merely need to choose the furniture you can afford or wish to buy.

Choosing the ideal brand of leather

When you look for best leather sofas online, you will come across plenty of brands. You need to look for the type of sofa you like and then check the brand it comes from. Go through detailed reviews and know how the brand is. It will help you have an idea about how long they have sold products, how much they charge, and also get real customer testimonials. This will help you know about more and more leather furniture brands and choose the best that suits your style and budget. You should also consider consulting experts who can understand what you need and who can provide you the ideal option. Buying leather sofa means that it can last you decades when maintained. If you look at it as an investment, you will be on the receiving end. They also have high resale value, because with age they get better.

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