10 Tricks to keep your room cool in summer (Without air conditioning)

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10 Tricks to keep your room cool in summer (Without air conditioning)

Summer arrives and the temperature shoots up. 35 degrees outside and heat takes over your home. If your house does not have air conditioning, there are a few tricks to keep the temperature under control. Keeping a house fresh is possible if we apply a little common sense and some basic tips of popular wisdom that are summarized in these 10 steps to follow.

Blinds below

The number 1 trick is a fail-safe method. During the hottest hours, it is essential to close the windows to prevent hot air from entering and to lower the blinds so that the air in the room does not get hot.

The idea is to darken the house in the simplest way: lower blinds, close curtains and unfold awnings if any. With this simple gesture, the sensation of freshness increases, since you will get the interior temperature to decrease by 6ºC.

Ventilate at dawn and dusk

Throughout the day, the windows should remain closed or minimally open, but when the sun comes down and at dawn, it will be the best time to open the doors and windows of your house wide open.

If you create drafts, you will get the house fresh, even for a short time. Maybe enough for you to fall asleep on a tropical night.

Avoid sources of heat

Having too many lights on or using the oven, television or other machines that emanate heat will cause the temperature to rise.

Use Fans

To refresh a room a cooling fan is very useful. In addition, for those who dislike the direct wind in the face you can position the fan at a distance and place a metal bowl full of ice and coarse salt in front to cool the air coming from the fan.

Use the extractor

Turn on the hood in the kitchen while you are cooking and the extractor in the bathroom while you are showering. That way, you’ll get the hot air out.

10 tricks to keep your room cool in summer

Dress up your summer house

If you also change your wardrobe when summer arrives, why not do it with the home? Outside carpets, change the sheets for cotton and avoid velvet. Use clear or colored with print flower, which will give more lightness and influence the sensation of heat.

Household appliances at night

Avoid using the dishwasher and the washing machine during the day since they give off a lot of heat. All appliances, even the television, are sources of heat. We should avoid as much as possible and disconnect when they are not being used.

Uses air currents

The goal is to circulate cool air througout the entire house. The windows that face interior courtyards are usually the gateway to the freshest air you can receive. The trick is to get cool air through these windows is to wet the curtains with water and enjoy the cool air that comes out when passing through them.

Use cotton or silk sheets to sleep

They tend to accumulate less heat. The lighter in color these are, the better. A useful trick in case you can not sleep due to the heat you feel in bed: cool them during the day in the room or basement and place them on bed just before bedtime.

Water to refresh

If you have a patio, balcony, terrace, garden or porch, water the floor in the evening to refresh it. The heat accumulates in the soil and watering it will cool it down a little.

With the floor inside the house, the trick is to scrub it with cold water, leaving it somewhat more soaked than normal.
And you, how do you manage to keep your house cool in summer? Tell us in the comments.

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