How to Choose the Best Gun Safe

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People buy guns for different reasons. For some, their firearm is for protection from intruders, while for others, their primary gun use is for recreational use only. As a responsible gun owner in this day and age, it is important to ensure that your firearm is kept safe and out of the reach of prohibited persons such as children and teenagers. This is why you should consider buying a gun safe.

How to choose the best gun safe

Safe storage of firearms prevents tragedies that arise from unintentional discharges, gun theft, and suicide. However, there are so many gun safe options in the market today; how do you choose the right one? Here are 5 tips for choosing the best gun safe. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best gun safe as recommended by, a leading website in gun safe guides and reviews.

What Type Of Features Do You Want?

The gun safe market is very competitive and every company does its best to market their product. Ensure that you do not fall for marketing tactics. Know what you want ahead of time and shop for a safe that will suit your individual needs. The top features to look for are; steel strength, weight, secure lock, protection from fire, and enough space for your firearms.

The Lock Type

The lock you choose will be determined by the accessibility and the level of security you will need. You can choose a standard combination lock or a digital keypad lock. In the event you forget the combination to your gun vault, there is good news. There are several methods on how to open a liberty gun safe without the combination and regain access to your weapons.

You can try using the manual override key, dropping the safe on its side several times or cracking the combination using logic. If all these methods fail, it’s advisable to call a locksmith to unlock the gun safe for you.

How to choose the best gun safe - gun safe

Relocking Mechanisms

As a firearm owner, how do you ensure that in case someone breaks into your house, they will not gain access to the gun safe? A gun safe with a relocking mechanism will provide that extra layer of security and ensure that no unauthorized person gains access to your firearm.

The Size Of The Gun Safe

When choosing a gun safe, consider the size and the interior capacity that best suits your needs for storing hunting gear. If you intend to increase your firearm collection with time, then it’s better to go for a bigger one. You can also use the safe to store additional valuables together with your gun. However, if you have a small pistol, then a small safe that you can store under your bed would be most ideal. Weight is also an important factor to consider. Remember, the greater the weight, the harder it will be for thieves to steal and carry the entire safe.


The goal of a gun safe is to keep your firearms secure from any possible threat therefore, ensure that you choose one that is durable, fire and water resistant, and has quality construction. Compare fire ratings before you make your purchase. Remember, a good safe can withstand a high-temperature house fire for at least an hour or more.

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    You made a good point when you said that you must consider going for a bigger gun safe if you intend to increase your firearm collection. This is a helpful tip for my husband since he is planning to shop for a gun safe for his collection of guns. He mentioned buying 3-4 more this year, so I will share this with him.