9 Brilliant Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

There’s a lot you can do to make your small kitchen a better space. Check out these ideas for remodeling a small kitchen for added convenience and aesthetics. Did you know that kitchens are one of the most popular rooms to remodel? According to research done by the National Association of Home Builders, until recently, kitchens were the number one most remodeled room.

Kitchens are often the heart of the home (face it—that’s where all the good coffee and food comes from). If they are outdated or look shabby, this can cast a dejected light on your whole home. At the same time, remodeling your kitchen can give your entire house a makeover by association!

9 Brilliant Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

This is why, if you are about to start the process of remodeling a small kitchen, we are amped for you! But, before you start, there are a couple of things you need to know. If not designed smartly, small kitchens can easily feel claustrophobic and cluttered.  Fortunately, we are about to share with you some of the best tips and tricks to implement in your small kitchen design. So that your small kitchen can feel and look it’s absolute best. Read on to find out what these are.

Be Tile Smart

One of the biggest ways you can impact your small kitchen design is by being smart with tiles.  First up, bigger is better. Small tiles can make small kitchens look busy, cluttered and fussy. Larger tile sizes, on the other hand, will open up the area and create the illusion of spaciousness. To maximize this effect, go for a jumbo size of tile, such as 18 x 18-inch. And be sure not to go smaller than 12 x 12-inch tiles. If you have a narrow and long galley-style kitchen, then you can also consider laying tiles diagonally to break up the long narrow lines. This will create the illusion that your kitchen is wider than it actually is.

Choose a Light Color Scheme

The next hot tip for a small kitchen remodel is to ramp up the feeling of spaciousness by embracing light and muted colors. Bright white is notoriously considered to be the best color for making spaces look larger than they are.

Mix Things up with Shiny Black

If all-white color schemes in kitchens are not your thing, don’t despair. You can break up and add contrast to your small kitchen design by incorporating black (or other dark-colored) elements that have a sheen to them. But aren’t dark colors bad to use in small spaces? They can be, but to balance out the saturated effect of dark colors, you can fall back on the power of sheen. Shiny surfaces have been shown in interior design to enlarge spaces thanks to their reflective properties. For example, consider adding a shiny black marble backsplash to create this effect.

Go Modern and Minimal

One of the best ways to ensure that your small kitchen looks chic and serene is to go with a modern and minimal design aesthetic. Minimal design elements lend themselves to smaller spaces as their clean lines and simple construction create an illusion of extra space and give the eyes time to breathe. Traditional, classic and bohemian design styles, while super attractive, can create too much busyness in small kitchens.

9 Brilliant Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen - modern small kitchen

Lacquer Your Ceiling

Remember that tip about the shiny black? Well, this trick works with all colors. A great way to capitalize on this effect is to lacquer your ceiling. Applying a lacquer paint to your kitchen ceiling will bring in extra light and create the illusion of a higher ceiling and more space. If you want to take the effect even further you can choose to lacquer your cabinetry as well. This technique will work well with light and dark colors.

Consider Bar Stools

Most small kitchens lack a relaxation/hangout zone. But, if planned properly, you may be able to incorporate this into your small kitchen plans with the help of barstools.  Depending on the dimensions of your kitchen, you may either be able to build a kitchen island or utilize a section of multi-sided counter space as a seating area with a couple of barstools. When selecting barstools, be sure to choose lightweight discreet pieces, as opposed to heavy or chunky stools that will suck up space visually and physically.

Ditch the Doors

Solid kitchen cabinetry can create the impression of airlessness in a kitchen, especially a small one. For this reason, consider ditching your doors completely and going for open shelving. This can create the impression of more space. If this is not practical or appealing to you, you can also think of replacing the wooden panels of your cabinet doors with glass.

9 Brilliant Design Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen - minimalist kitchen

Place Your Appliances Wisely

Appliances can take up a lot of space in a kitchen. For small kitchens, it is best to choose appliances that fit the space, such as tall narrow refrigerators instead of bulkier double door models. For smaller appliances, you can plan appliance garages—cupboards designed and designated to appliances such as toasters, food processors and kettles. This will keep your countertops clean-lined and clutter free.

Go Lux with Lighting and Features

One of the great things about small kitchens is that because they are so small, your budget will go a lot further and enable you to invest in features that will create a luxurious kitchen feel. Incorporating high-end elements such as marble, granite, copper, high-quality tiles and stainless steel fittings is a great way to make your small kitchen a treasure box of elements that please the eye. Speaking of the eye, lighting is another key facet to showing your kitchen off to its best. Consider investing in recessed ceiling lights, under cabinet lights and pendant lamps. Pendant lamps look great if suspended over open counter surfaces and are very on trend.

Another perk to remodeling a small kitchen is that while you can undertake the project yourself, the costs that you save thanks to the small size of the kitchen can be put towards handing the whole job over to a professional. This will imbue your completed kitchen remodel with an even more finished-off and luxurious look. If you want to get in the pros, then you can read more here.

Are You Ready to Go About Remodeling a Small Kitchen?

Although remodeling can be a super exciting task, it can also be daunting. Remodeling a small kitchen is even more likely to feel like a challenge as kitchens can be one of the most complicated remodels, and small kitchens are one the trickiest spaces to achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Thankfully, now that you are armed with these top design tips for small kitchens, you are all set for achieving a remodel that makes your heart sing. If you are hungry for more great tips on how to improve a kitchen, check out this post.

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