4 Renovations That Work for Small Kitchens

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For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s not always the case when you first buy a house. But a bit of kitchen remodeling can transform the space where you cook into a place that is truly your own. The following are a few possible renovations that you can make to help your small kitchen feel like home.

4 Renovations That Work for Small Kitchens

1. Increase Kitchen Storage Capacity

Finding space to store essential appliances and tools in a small kitchen is hard. If you’re having trouble fitting all of your dishes, pots, pans, and appliances in your cabinets, consider upgrading them. Look at your base, wall, and tall cabinets and assess which ones best fit the space and which ones don’t. Do you need more drawers or shelves? What will they be holding? During kitchen remodeling, look at units that have deep drawers. These varieties allow for homeowners to install full extension drawers and pull-out shelf cabinets to easily fit everything you own. You’ll also want to consider extended height cabinets that reach the ceiling as they give you more space and make the kitchen appear bigger.

2. Install Multi-Functional Inclusions

When dealing with compact kitchen renovations, the elements you include have to be multi-functional. Kitchen islands and peninsulas are essential in small kitchens. They provide an opportunity for extra drawers and cabinets that are accessible from multiple sides. An extra surface also gives you the ability to declutter counters and use the space for prep, serving, or dining if it’s needed. Small kitchen remodeling means you have to use all of the space, and you should use it wisely.

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3. Adjust Your Lighting

Small kitchens often lack proper lighting. If you’re thinking of remodeling, don’t let the lighting fall to the wayside. You should consider the type of light fixtures that work well in your space and where they should be placed. The area where you prep should be well-lit to ensure safety when handling and cutting foods. Pots and pans on the stove need to be properly illuminated to maximize visibility when cooking. The right lighting can also make your dishes look more appealing and appetizing. There are a few lighting options that you can consider during kitchen renovations. For general lighting, options include chandeliers, pendant lights, and recessed lighting. You don’t want to discount accent lighting either. While purely decorative, adding display lighting during remodeling can help create focal points that transform the look of your small kitchen. If you opt for a professional, make sure they pay attention to the lighting.

4. Create Flow and Cohesiveness With Color

Color can really bring a room together and that applies to kitchen color as well. The color palette you choose for your kitchen remodeling can be the element that opens up the space. The wrong combination can close it off even more. So, you’ll want to be very conscious of your color choice. The base pigment you choose should be neutral but bright. Your accent tones will spice things up as they are what allow you to be vibrant and bold. If your small kitchen shares a space with the dining room or another area of your home, this shared color palette will create the flow needed to make your home feel more open.

Invest in Your Kitchen Remodeling, Invest in Your Home

Kitchen remodeling may seem like a huge investment. A full renovation can be expensive, with the national average cost coming in at $66,196. Even smaller kitchens can come with hefty price tags. Luckily, companies like Callier & Thompson offer payment options. These plans make kitchen remodeling projects possible for anyone in the St. Louis area. Talk to a remodeling contractor to get more small kitchen renovation ideas.

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