How to Create a Luxurious Kitchen

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A kitchen is the heart of the modern home. This special room is more than an enclosed space to prepare food. Instead, it is becoming more like a living room, where family members and friends gather for different occasions. So, many homeowners are now looking for ways to design great and luxurious kitchens, which also reflect their personality.
How to Create a Luxurious Kitchen

If you need to create a luxurious kitchen, there are several elements you’ll need to consider in order to meet your opulent tastes and preferences.


One of the most fundamental aspects of a luxurious kitchen is the countertops. While customers are unsure which material to pick for their counters, marble countertops are a top choice for their visually striking effect whilst providing greater functionality and efficiency.  Some marble countertops, however, are designed from non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate, which typically react to acids like lemon juice or vinegar. Unfortunately, the reaction can slightly eat away the surface or leave dull, whitish marks on the counters.  For top-notch quality and confident elegant options, you’ll want to consider investing in the calacatta marble countertops.


You can add glamour to your kitchen with the right cabinetry, which complements your countertops. The typical luxury kitchen cabinets often feature the high-end exotic wood veneers. With their exquisite wood varieties, it’s easy to achieve a range of looks for horizontal applications. One wood can appear entirely differently depending on the cut, finish, or treatment.  The custom painted and glazed finishes can take your kitchen to a whole new level. For an absolutely luxurious look, you may want to install kitchen cabinets with finishes that take advantage of gold leaf to accent cabinetry details. You can also opt for the flush inset, beaded inset, frameless cabinets that feature opulent soft-close drawers.

Kitchen appliances

Besides the practically essential appliances such as water filters and kettles, you should consider purchasing other luxury appliances such as nutrition blenders, bread makers, ice cream makers with smart features etc. for extra elegance. Most of these high-end items are designed to look stylish and impressive, and are an excellent way to spark conversation. So, you’ll want to ensure they are nicely displayed not only for ease of use, but to create a grand image. The layout may be based on a color scheme, function, power outlets, etc. As you introduce new appliances to your kitchen, it’s equally important to hide the distasteful dishwashers or other small appliances behind cabinetry that coordinates well with the rest of your kitchen.


Lighting is another important aspect you must never ignore when creating a luxurious ambiance in any kitchen. It is best to choose a fixture that complements the design of your kitchen, while setting a dramatic, special mood for cooking, eating, and entertaining.  While the lighting option you choose comes down to personal preference, you’ll want brighter lights (preferably LED) above work surfaces. When it comes to dining tables or breakfast bars, a little forgiving yellow light may be an excellent option.  Pendant lighting, whether it’s a single light or multiple lights, if set over the center island — it can add magic to your kitchen as it highlights a statement detail into space and also provides a warm, ambient lighting into the room.

How to create a luxurious kitchen - large luxurious kitchen


You can also instill a sense of luxury in your kitchen simply adding a tray or coffered ceiling. Well, this is a state-of-the-art technique that adds dimension and details in a classy manner.  If your ceiling is plain, you can make it special by adding molding around the sides. Basically, this unique ceiling highlighting method helps bring in another layer of interest to your room. Keep in mind though; the style of your kitchen will determine how ornate the molding is. A kitchen with fewer details will arguably look more modern.


Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now replace the standard kitchen faucet with a touchless faucet. The exciting thing about these new fixtures is that — they combine the elements in the standard faucet into one sleek pull-out.  Most of the high-end touchless faucets in the feature motion-activated sensors that turn the water on and off with simply a wave. According to this guide from Myhomeneedz, this makes them a lot more sanitary and convenient as compared to the usual type with a tap and a separate little sprayer.

Kitchen sink

If you have enough space, consider installing a dual sink with an integrated draining system that directs the wetness into one place. There are several materials for the sink, but stainless steel is the most preferred option. Although ceramics are more traditional, they are certainly a beautiful choice too.  We hope our guide to creating a luxurious kitchen has inspired you.

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