How to Build a Kitchen Island (Step by Step)

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Many kitchens are large enough to take an island in the centre and while they are readily available to buy, sometimes you may want to knock one up yourself.

How to Build a Kitchen Island (Step by Step)

The recommended height for a kitchen island is 36” although if your island is going to be mainly used for seating you may want to raise it to 42”. Of course, the height is a personal thing, depending on your own height.

So, how to make one yourself?

There are several ways to make an island, with some of them being able to make use of recycled materials or using a favourite piece of furniture. What is important is that you ‘look outside the box’ when you plan your island. Also it’s good to look up ideas from specialists like Claire Davies Kitchens.

Use base cupboards

You can buy a double cupboard from any kitchen shop, add a counter of your choice and voila! An island in the kitchen. With a bit of imagination and a splash of paint you can customise the island to your taste. You may be able to obtain used cupboards from someone who is replacing the kitchen and needs to get rid of them. Again, with a little imagination you will be able to transform them.

How to build a kitchen island - beautiful kitchen island

Bookshelf islands

This is a great idea when you like to keep all your cook books in the kitchen. By placing two bookshelves back to back with a counter top on them you will have your cookbooks at hand. Make sure that the counter top is secure on top of the book shelves, and paint or stain to match your décor.

Use a dresser

Many old dressers can be taken apart. Its worth looking is second-hand shops for these as they do appear from time to time. Remove the top half and replace with the counter top of your choice and you have extra storage underneath as well as a delightful island.

How to build a kitchen island - kitchen island out of pallets

Use pallets

For a handyman, this is something to consider. Make sure that the pallets are in good condition, draw up a plan and knock up an island over the weekend. Add four wheels on the corners and the island can be moved around.

A few things to consider

  • Make sure that any wood you use is in good condition and not damp or split.
  • Use a paint suitable for interior areas.
  • Be sure that the counter top is firmly attached to the base.
  • Use solid wheels underneath the unit.
  • Use the right tools for the job.
  • Make sure the entire island can be cleaned with water if needed.

To sum up

There are many ways to build your own kitchen island, and most will cost a fraction of the price of a bought one.

Building your own island gives you the chance to design it exactly as you like and incorporate anything that you like, like a wine cooler or a popcorn machine.

With a little time, planning and forethought – and perhaps a handyman to help – you will soon have a delightful kitchen island which is all your own work and exactly what you want.

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