Tips on Dealing with Pests Within Your Home

If you own a home, you know that pests are inevitable. Whether these pests are various types of bugs, skunks, rodents, or some other kind of annoyance, we all deal with them from time to time. However, there are many tips and tricks for dealing with these annoyances and eradicating them from our home.
Tips on Dealing with Pests Within Your Home
So how does pest control work?

Avoiding Bugs

– Although ants are often prone to infesting a home, you can eradicate them with a simple mix of borax and sugar. Take one cup of sugar and one cup of borax together in a jar. Puncture some holes in the lid of the jar and use it to sprinkle around the edges of your home toward the base. Ants will be excited to see the sugar only to get poisoned by the borax.

– Cockroaches are another common pest around the home. Like with ants, the borax powder can be used to eliminate them. Sprinkle this powder around your kitchen and bathroom for a cockroach-free home. Avoid areas where children and pets frequent.

– Looking to kill a flying pest but don’t have any insect spray? Hair spray does the trick!

– Fleas took over your home, thanks to your four-legged pet? Vacuum all your carpeted areas in detail before spraying, then throw out the dust bag for the vacuum.
Tips on Dealing with Pests Within Your Home - house

– Mosquitos infesting your birdbath? Changing the water every 2-3 days can eliminate this issue.

– If you notice that carpenter ants have taken over your home, look for a more significant issue. Water leaks from the pipes, roof, and windows may be the problem at hand.

– Noticing centipedes around your house? These bugs feed on other insects, so you may want to eliminate the rest of the bugs first.

– Think you might have termite damage? Keep in mind that these bugs only feed on the softer parts of the wood and the rings should be untouched if termites are the culprit.

– If you reside in an apartment or other building with multiple units, pest control that you do in your section should be taken care of in the other units as well to avoid insects that may travel between these areas.

Avoiding Rodents and Other Animals

– Looking for a DIY mousetrap? Look no further than pieces of raw bacon or some peanut butter. To catch the mice, they should have to pull to remove the bait. Placing hardened peanut butter or tying bacon on the trigger should do the trick.

– Using chemical products, like mustard oil, can help reduce raccoon infestations. However, it is easier to let the animal remove itself from your home and then deal with the entrance hole. Using mesh can prevent the animal from returning.

– If you are noticing a rodent problem in your home, you must block off all the small openings that they are traveling through to get inside. Even a quarter-inch gap can be enough space for a tiny mouse. Put steel wool inside of the holes and use spackling compounds over the entire area.

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