What are the benefits of plant hire?

Plant hire is another term for equipment rental. Plant hire firms are service providers who rent equipment like generators, hand-tools, and earth overs. They may rent to individuals or building contractors.

What are the benefits of plant hire

Let’s look at some of the benefits of plant hire over buying your own equipment.

What are the benefits of plant hire?

There are many benefits of plant hire. In the vast majority of cases, plant hire is cheaper than the cost of buying equipment. While the hourly or daily rental rate is somewhat high, few contractors or individuals use a particular piece of equipment often enough to break even on purchasing the equipment. For example, few companies are going to get their money’s worth out of a dehumidifier or wacker plate.

When you rent equipment as you need it, you reduce a number of associated costs, as well. You don’t have to pay for storing and protecting tools when not in use. You don’t have to pay for its depreciation or maintenance. Someone else will do the maintenance on that hole digger or generator. And someone else is liable if it breaks down unexpectedly.

You can pick up the latest and greatest equipment instead of sticking to the one model you own. You can rent the tools you need to get the job done from a plant hire firm near the customer’s site and return it when finished, minimizing your inventory management and logistical costs. They may simplify your logistical hassles in other regards, as well, such as offering bottled gas you can pick up along with the welding equipment or spare generators.

What are the benefits of plant hire - construction equipment

Find a plant hire company in your area that offers a wide selection of tools. Then you can get everything you need from one place. This may result in significant discounts, and it certainly simplifies the logistics of picking up and returning items. If you only rent what you need when you need it, then you’re freeing up cash for other productive purposes. Then you don’t have to invest money in five more ladders or nail guns that may not be fully utilized.

A side benefit of plant hire is that they have a wide selection of products. For example, you can rent the van or truck large enough to haul gear for today’s project. You can also switch from two earth movers to three if the project turns out to call for more equipment. If you rely on the equipment you own, you’re left scheduling work around the few items you own, even if they’re undersized for the job. Equipment rental firms can advise you on which piece of equipment is best suited for the project at hand. Then you don’t buy a pressure washer that can’t reach the top floor of a building, and you don’t buy a sander that isn’t suited for the furniture you want to resurface.

What can you rent from a plant hire firm?

Plant hire firms tend to offer items that building contractors often choose to rent. This includes earth moving equipment, generators, mixers, dumpers, excavators, forklifts, pressure washers and tile cutters. You can often pick up equipment that building contractors often find they don’t have enough of to give everyone on site their own set of tools. This list includes air compressors, sanders, nail guns and ladders. They may or may not loan you safety equipment. Note that you may need to pay for training in how to safely use equipment or verify that your team members are qualified to operate heavy duty equipment.

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