Selecting the Best Gutter Guards and Installation Options

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Adequate preparation is an essential part of any home-improvement effort. Gutter guard installers is a straightforward process, but you would still do well to study any installation instructions that came packaged with the equipment before getting started. Lacking access to the right tools or feeling like you may not be equal to the task at hand are both issues that you would do well to address long before beginning the actual work.

Selecting the Best Gutter Guards and Installation Options

While trying to find the best gutter guard reviews can help you to prepare for your project, there are some jobs and installations that may be better off when left in the hands of the professionals.

Snap-On Guards

The simplest equipment option in terms of installation, snap-on guards typically feature universal sizing which can significantly streamline equipment selection and final installation. A relatively affordable option, these guards remain quite popular among home and property owners, especially those who may be wary of complex installations or ill-equipped to take on a more ambitious home-improvement project. While snap-on guards are typically competent, they may not be able to provide the same level of performance and dependability as guards that have been custom-fitted to your roof and gutter.


For homeowners who find even snap-on gutters to be an intimidating project, guards that have been purpose-built to rest inside the existing gutter may be a much better option. While these guards will most likely still need to be measured and trimmed to match the size of the gutter, the rest of the installation process couldn’t be more straightforward. These guards will rest within the confines of the gutter and require no further tools or efforts to install. Selecting the Best Gutter Guards and Installation Options - installing

Mounted Guards

More durable gutter guards will require a little more effort to install. Installation of mounted guards involved fastening them to the front edge of the gutter. Most guards of this type will typically feature rugged steel-mesh construction to better withstand the elements. While by no means a problematic installation project, having to deal with mounting hardware as well as additional steps and materials like having to caulk the guards to ensure a firm seal may not be every homeowner’s cup of tea. For the handier property owners and those who need equipment that will last if possible, mounted guards are the only way to go.

Professional Installation

For homeowners who have no interest in tacking on their installation, as well as those who lack the time needed to deal with such a project, seeking assistance from a professional service provider may be a far more convenient alternative. Experienced contractors and service providers can also assist you in choosing the best equipment options and products as well as eliminating many of the most common and costly installation missteps. A quick and easy installation that may be completed with less risk of complications, delays or the need to make any additional purchases is often too attractive an option to let slip by you.

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