You are maybe thinking to carry on with this roof solution for 50 years more. Whilst that is possible for a roof to last up to 50 years, it still gets damaged due to natural elements. Replacing your old, damaged roof is one thing that you need to worry about as a homeowner. And the funny thing is, it costs less than constantly repairing your old and damaged roof. The best time to go for a replacement is late summer and early winter. However, many homeowners don’t know when it’s time to opt for a new roof.

5 Reasons It May Be Time To Replace Your Roof

Here, we will talk about 5 signs you need a new roof in your house. And you can look up to the Pro Choice Roofing to make a decision.

When to Replace a Roof?

Do you need to replace your entire roof? Or can you replace a small part of it? Your decision should depend on the condition of your roof and the signals it’s giving. For example, if you can experience some raindrops pouring on your feet, maybe it’s time. There are different things that can affect the durability and performance of your roof, and all of them can join together to give you mixed signals. And those signals can be as follows-

Leaks and Water Stains

This is probably the most obvious clue as to why you need to replace your roof. You can check your attic daily or at least a few times in a month and especially after heavy rain. If there is an ice dam, you might need to repair it again. Check out the signs for water penetration and check if the water can travel to a safe distance inside the walls. Maybe these types of signs don’t need an entire replacement but always check correctly if there is an underlying problem in your roof. Moreover, when the water drips into your home, you can find some water stains on your walls or floor, or on the roof. If you find water leaks, check for the resources of the problem and find a way to fix it, and try to fix it asap so that you can minimize expenses and damage.

Curled and Buckling Shingles

If you see the shingles on your roof are about to curl or buckle, get ready for a roof replacement. If you can bend a shingle on a summer day and see that it is cracking or breaking easily, maybe it’s time for a replacement. There are two ways a shingle starts to curl; one is from the edge to upward, and the other one stays flat, but the middle begins to pop-up. When you see any of these happening, you might need to consider a replacement in the future.

5 Reasons It May Be Time To Replace Your Roof - damaged shingles

Sunlight is Coming Through the Roof Board

Just visit your attic and take a good look at it and check for any signs of daylight. If you can find the sunlight, then it is possible for the rain and snow to come through. Moreover, it also means that your roof’s insulation is not good enough to keep the heat, and it makes your home hotter during the summer days. Check those areas carefully, and the next time it rains, make sure to repair the places. If the leaks are enough to consider for a roof replacement, go for it and never look back. Don’t ignore your roof’s damage or issues and contact Premier Roof Cleaning Inc in Orlando to help

Unwanted Bush

You may not like it, but a damaged and old roof always attracts moss, mold, and fungi. These may look natural in your backyard, but if you find them on your roof, it means, there is trapped moisture that is causing damage to your tent.

Roof Discoloration

Not only it spoils the look, but also, roof discoloration indicates that your roof is starting to get damaged. It happens due to the UV rays, rainwater, storm, etc., but if you are not ready for a replacement yet, repair it for the time being. These all are the signs that your home needs a new shelter. There can be many of them, but whenever you find these, make sure to contact your local contractor.