Where to Order Custom Beer Tap Handles for Breweries?

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Looking for high-quality custom tap handles for breweries? We are here to help you! After reading our article, you will better understand what to pay attention to when choosing such products and where to order them.

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What You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Beer Tap Handles?

Beer tap handle is a device that will help you effectively pour any kind of beer.  They are installed at the top of the faucet. This equipment is a vital part of craft beer branding: they can help your bar, restaurant, or pub create a unique identity that showcases your product’s character.

  • Material

The most common materials on the market are wood and ceramic. Choosing wood products, you can choose the type of wood (alder or ash tree) and give it any desired shape. Ceramic models also offer a wide range of styling options. Both materials are quite durable and comfortable to work with. In addition, you can choose products made of acrylic, porcelain, glass, metal, and other raw materials.

  • Size

Standard height of such products: 9-13 inches, depth – no more than 3 inches. If you want to install short beer handles, their height is 4-6 inches.

  • Shape

You can choose a basic model (oval, elongated, paddle-shaped, etc.) as well as order custom products. Whatever shape you choose, the handle should not be too top heavy or thin, otherwise, it will be flimsy and uncomfortable to use.

  • Color and design

Use contrasting colors to make your brand and beer style stand out from a distance.

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Best Place to Buy Custom Beer Tap Handles for Breweries

Ready to buy custom tap handles for breweries? Visit the Xpress Tap Handles online store https://xpresstaphandles.com/: there is no minimum order, so you can order even a single tap handle! On an order of 50 pcs or more, their cost starts at just CAD 19.50. On the website of the brand you will find a great selection of beer tap handles of different sizes, shapes, and colors, so you will certainly find the perfect option for your interior. High-quality European ceramic as well as alder and ash tree hard wood is used for the production, so that the products will last long and be a real highlight of the bar!

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