4 Bathroom Upgrades With A Large Impact

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Adding value to your home is as simple as updating a few rooms, and remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to do it. Major bathroom improvements are one of the easiest ways to boost the worth of your house. A bathroom that looks dated can be attributed to small details such as wallpaper or paint and color schemes that have become unfashionable. Sometimes a bathroom might require an entire redesign, but just slight touch-ups can create a whole new feel.

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Some of the best ways to improve functionality and comfort is by upgrading worn surfaces or outdated finishes and providing more storage areas. Whether you desire a do-it-yourself project or you plan on hiring a contractor, these bathroom redesign concepts can provide long-term value to your home. Are you at a loss as to where to begin? Here are some of the finest strategies.

Creating Storage Space

Even the most congested spaces can appear organized and serene if storage is properly employed. Shelving or built-in cabinets for everyday items help clear countertops, which should be free for sink and mirror use.  Baskets and bins are also great to include in your storage areas for extra tidiness.

Having open and closed storage in the bathroom is a fantastic way to organize your items. In addition to displaying houseplants and small accessories, you can store frequently-used toiletries behind closed doors. Furthermore, hygiene items like plungers and laundry can be hidden from view behind closed doors.

Accessories and Fixtures

When renovating a bathroom, consider the scale of the accessories that help your bathroom feel new and spacious. For example, a basic round mirror might make a small bathroom appear airy and open, but a huge frame might make the room feel cramped and claustrophobic. The majority of people believe that the tub is the only thing that needs to be altered in order to make a bathroom more appealing to potential buyers. However, know that it’s not the tub itself that matters so much as the add-ons like stainless steel knobs or a clever showerhead.

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Upgraded fixtures, surfaces, and accessories may make your existing bathroom staples feel fresh and modern. The most crucial thing to remember when remodeling a bathroom is how you feel when you enter it multiple times a day. If you plan to convert a guest bath or a first-floor powder room, picture what mood you want guests to leave with. Choose a colour or style that appeals to a more general audience rather than your favorite one.

Replace the tiles and the flooring.

Changing the shape, size, design, or color of tiles in a bathroom can improve both the feel and style. Materials that are durable and water/heat resistant are among the most economical. Textured tiles are a great way to prevent slips and falls in bathrooms for childrens or more elderly family members. Flooring that is radiantly heated can be another important upgrade, specifically in locations dealing with the colder months of the year. Radiant heating provides a lot of comfort and can help you save money in the long run by making your space more energy efficient.

Improve Ventilation and Lighting

Every bathroom can be plagued with mold and mildew and a window or ventilation system may help draw out the unwanted moisture and humidity. Consider installing a bathroom fan if you don’t already have one. A fan can help prevent mold and mildew, reduce virus particles and improve the air quality significantly. You can run a bathroom ventilation fan all year round, unlike with windows, which you may need to keep closed at certain times.

Natural lighting can be highly valuable as you’ll save on electricity bills if you don’t have to turn on the lights every time you need to use the restroom. The appearance and type of bathroom lights should be tailored to your lifestyle as it can iinstantly alter the ambiance and make any room appear larger. Better lighting around the mirror can assist with your morning routine of getting ready for the day and trying new makeup styles. Dimmers are great for those that take lengthy baths and seek relaxation time. Lights that can connect to bluetooth are generally great additions that can be controlled by ones phone.

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