Cost savings on having a reverse osmosis water filter system at home vs buying bottled water

There is a huge possibility that you are unknowingly spending more money on buying water than you do on milk, even when you can produce the same quality water at home in a rather inexpensive way. Over the years, since the sales of unhealthy aerated drinks have considerably dropped, the same brands have rebranded packaged drinking water and are selling it at similar or even higher prices. The sad and unexpected truth is that majority of the people are becoming victims of marketing.

Cost savings on having a reverse osmosis water filter system at home vs buying bottled water

Most of these companies discover low-cost natural reservoirs of water, and after using simple filtration techniques add a significant mark-up to the buyer. The tap water that has already undergone most of the purification procedures is easily accessible in our home at practically no expense as compared to it. Installing a reverse osmosis water filter system at home has an initial investment, but saves you on a lot of unchecked expenses and has nominal ongoing running costs.

The sole harm that the bottled water does is not the price, but what the costs nature, the most prominent price being – plastic. Not all plastic that goes into the making these bottles are recyclable. Using reverse osmosis filtration at home is the most affordable and the most convenient it has ever been. Reverse osmosis is declared to be one of the most efficient and errorless ways of producing safe drinking water. It removes unwanted minerals, chemicals and particles from tap water and adds back in the good minerals for daily consumption.

Cost savings on having a reverse osmosis water filter system at home vs buying bottled water - mini version

In case you have apprehensions related to the maintenance and repair of the water filtration method, you can assure yourself that it is effortless to maintain the filter. In case there’s any damage, it doesn’t dig a deep hole in your pocket. The RO systems mostly come covered with long-duration guarantees and warranties and the filters are relatively inexpensive to replace. The important thing is to make sure you replace filters when necessary to maintain quality drinking water.

The only convenience that comes with the packaged water is mobility and accessibility in times of urgency. Otherwise, using a home filtration technique and reusable water bottles is any day a healthier and more eco-friendly option.

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