3 Common College Degrees of Home Remodelers

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Home remodeling is a massive industry in the United States and all around the world. U.S. consumers spend more than $400 billion on home renovations and repairs every year, and this trend is only growing in the present day. Homeowners rely on a vast network of professionals in the remodeling industry to help guide them through the process of reimagining the space of their homes. But the experience and education that a contractor brings to bear on any new project can mean the difference between a high-quality job or a decent project finish. Professionals know that experience and an array of learning opportunities can bring their service to the next level.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to hire a great contractor or someone looking to become a contractor with a broad background in the home building and remodeling space, these college degrees can offer a leg up over the competition. Of course, if you are a contractor looking to bring in new skills to the job site, working with a college admissions counselor is a great way to gain acceptance into the perfect program for your needs. Many people are using online degrees to further their education these days as well, so whether you are thinking of enrolling in programs on campus or through the digital framework that many colleges are providing these days, a college counselor is a fantastic resource to help you start and finish your next educational credential.

Continue reading to discover three great degree programs that many contractors use to ensure that they always provide a great job to their clients.

1. Civil Engineering

3 Common College Degrees of Home Remodelers

Civil engineering is a favorite among professionals who work in home remodeling in Minneapolis and the United States. Civil engineers are trained in the art of construction techniques, materials fabrication, and the all-important planning phases of the building process. Many home remodelers bring in these experiences to better understand the materials they work with. This allows for a far superior end product that the consumer can be excited about. Professionals in all disciplines know the importance of great education, and in the remodeling space, this is no different. Training in urban planning or civil engineering can instantly boost your performance in the remodeling industry.

2. Business Administration

3 Common College Degrees of Home Remodelers - business


Many contractors also pursue an MBA or Bachelor’s degree in business to grow into management roles within the industry. General contractors need to be able to manage large teams with a fluidity that untrained fabricators can’t always match. With the help of a business degree, bringing all the components and additions together that go into a remodel can be made much easier and more streamlined for both the remodeling team and the homeowner.

3. Music

3 Common College Degrees of Home Remodelers - music

Music degrees are another common theme among those who work in trade professions. This might not sound like a common educational pursuit. Still, the truth is that music is a common love among people of all backgrounds and skills, and a practical knowledge of musical theory and application offers itself as a firm foundation for construction, math, and many other professional skills. Engaging personally with music is also a great way to improve your mood, reduce stress, and even manage blood pressure more effectively. Remodelers can benefit significantly from the addition of this kind of educational experience. While it may not play directly into the building aspects of their role, the calmness and analytical mindset that music can help foster are great for a professional in this industry.

If you are in the remodeling industry and are thinking of adding a new educational experience, try one of these options for a new level of fulfillment.

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