Remodeling Your Living Room The Proper Way: A Quick Guide

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If you are planning on renovating your loving home, before you can decide on furniture or paint colors, you must first decide to remodel your living room. You should be ready to go through important decisions regarding budget, remodeling contractor vs. DIY, etc. before it even gets into the nitty-gritty details of the actual renovation. And like most good things in life, they don’t have to break the bank.

Remodeling Your Living Room The Proper Way

The article will provide a detailed list of steps in living room renovation so that readers can do it all themselves if preferred, or they can go through a contractor for any part of the process.

Have a plan

The first step in remodeling your living room is to plan it out, down to the very last detail. This means you will need to take measurements, perform some calculations, and then start planning out what furniture will be brought into the space. You should know how much space is available, or if you are looking to decrease that space by moving more bulky pieces of furniture out of the way. Then, create a blueprint of how it all goes together. While many software programs can do this for you without the hassle of trying to make your drawings on paper, it might be best if you get accustomed to them before taking this step.

Walls and Ceilings painting

After you have determined a paint color for your living room, it is time to decide if you want the ceilings to match that same color or have them compliment it instead. With light colors especially, oftentimes painting one half of the ceiling a slightly darker version of your wall will make the space look taller and more open. This can also help to draw attention upward toward your DIY picture frame and any other pieces on the walls that are meant to be eye-catching. If you want to go the extra mile, you can paint your picture frame a brighter version of the walls and ceiling, and then hang it on a wall that is painted a darker color. This will bring the picture frame out of the picture and into your living room as a three-dimensional element within the space.

Choosing Flooring Material

After you have chosen paint colors for your living room, it is time to choose flooring materials. You will need to take measurements of the space so that you can order or buy carpeting in the right size and with enough extra cutout to work around various wall obstacles. Some people go for hardwood floors, but if it is a carpeted space you are looking for, there are many places online where you can find cheap carpet samples that can give you an idea of how each one will look in your home. Keep in mind that most samples will only give you a picture and comparable measurements, so they might not be helpful when ordering online. Ordering samples can be a great way to see which color and material is best suited for the room and its purpose before spending money on something you aren’t sure of.

Remodeling Your Living Room The Proper Way - living room


Lighting is a very important part of a living room because it can completely change how a space looks once the sun goes down. Unless you have large windows that let in enough sunlight throughout the day, then you might need some additional lighting. You do not have to go crazy with lamps or overhead lights though – table lamps are an easy way to add light while creating an inviting atmosphere for family movie nights and board game nights with friends! In addition, wall sconces on either side of the TV can also be used to create a more interesting lighting design – just make sure to place them at the same level so that they frame the television equally.

Include mirrors.

Mirrors can also help to reflect light within the room, which will make it look brighter and open up the area. Choose mirrors that are well-matched for the space or that fit into pre-existing elements, but be mindful of how much weight they can hold if mounted to a wall instead of propped on top of a table. Large pieces should always go on larger walls so as not to disrupt the rest of your living room’s features too much. This is one simple way in which you can remodel your living room without causing damage to either its structure or overall aesthetic appeal.

Remodeling your living room doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. There is nothing worse than having to deal with construction workers and dust for months at a time, and that can be avoided if you just plan and ask yourself what you want out of the renovation process before it even starts. By following these steps, you will find out that redoing your living room is not as complicated an undertaking as it once seemed to be.

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