How to change your car tyre the easy way

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When you’re looking for ways to change your car tyres, you might come across a wide range of different solutions which all claim to be the best. However, many of these can be entirely impractical, or based on you having access to machinery that you very rarely have access to.

How to change your car tyre the easy way

With one simple tool and the right method, you can make sure that any emergency tyre changes you have in the future are quick and easy, letting you get back on your way in no time at all.

Stop to examine the situation

The first, and most important, step in the process is to take stock of your situation. Of course, if your tyre is completely shredded, you’ll need to change it no matter what, but on a busy road with only a slight puncture, it may be more advisable to change your tyre further down the highway in order to avoid being in a more dangerous situation than you need to. After all, you can always wait to change your tyre, but you can’t afford to risk your life in a dangerous situation. With almost 100 road deaths in June 2021 alone, you can never be too careful.

Get out your jack

You can’t change a tyre without having some way of getting the carcass off the ground, and this is where having reliable air jacks comes in. Air jacks don’t take up too much space in a vehicle, can be highly affordable and will save you in a potentially dangerous situation. Importantly, you don’t need to worry about your jack being unable to handle the weight in the way that some jacks can. Rated from 12 tons and up, a good air jack will have no issues in helping you to change your car tyre.

How to change your car tyre the easy way - tyre

Replace the old tyre

It should be quick and easy to remove the wheel nuts from your car, helping you to take the punctured wheel off your car and replace it with your spare. It’s important to not discard your old, punctured tyre and give it to your dealership or garage. This can allow them to check on the cause of the puncture, and find out whether it’s something wrong with the car that needs fixing or just an unfortunate accident with some debris on the road.

Go to your garage immediately

Spare tyres are very rarely rated to go a significant distance, having been kept in the car boot for potentially years. The rubber may have degraded, leaving it dangerous and in the wrong condition to drive on, especially for long journeys. A garage technician will be able to sort you out with a new set of tyres that are at the required pressure and quality of rubber. You always need to go to a garage after an incident, even just as a precaution. Or, if you are leasing a car you can return the car to the leasing company who will deal with the situation.

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