The Bessey angle clamps are designed to hold, fix and align material at right angle and automatically adjust to different wood thickness. Their accuracy makes these the clamps for a number of applications, including cabinetry, furniture assembly and their compact size makes them easy to store.

bessey ws-6 angle clamp

Key features:

  • Align, fix, and hold materials at a 90 degree angle
  • Die cast plastic coated jaws
  • Rear jaw swivels to accommodate different material thickness
  • Ample clearance to screw, dowel, or staple material together while gluing
  • Clamping capacity: 8″ thick
  • Max passage for joints: 2-7/16″

Product description

These unique, versatile clamps are designed to always hold, fix, and align materials at a 90 degree angle. Ideal for many applications, including cabinet work, furniture assembly and framing. Jaws are die cast and plastic-coated, rear jaw swivels allowing you to hold different material thicknesses – always at a 90 degree angle. Clamp at maximum opening will accommodate: Different material thicknesses of 1 in. one side, 6 in. other side; Uniform material thicknesses of 4 in. both sides. 2-7/16 in. clearance for t-joints. 4-1/2 lbs. each. (Angle clamps can be hand held or mounted to work table with two TK-6 table clamps (available separtately).


It doesn’t matter if you are professional handyman or just a hobby woodworker the Bessey WS-6 angle clamp is a tool you absolutely need. If you want to make furniture or other woodworking projects you will find out that it’s impossible without the tool like angle clamp because it is impossible to get 90 degrees corners without it. When you take a look in the shop you will find a variety of clamps all sizes and prices but you don’t need all of them, the Bessey WS-6 Angle Clamp and the Bessey TK-6 Table Clamp is all you need for all of your projects.