Surprisingly Easy Woodworking Project Ideas for Beginners

So many potential talents go to waste because people just don’t know how to get started. It can feel hugely daunting to start out in a field that’s already so full of experts, and it’s for that reason that some people quit before they’re ahead. Maybe you’ve always had a passion for woodworking but never find the time to get stuck into things, or maybe it’s a new hobby that you’re interested in picking up. Perhaps you have been practicing woodworking for quite some time and you’re looking for inspiration. That’s why we made this list of easy woodworking project ideas for beginners.

DIY wooden beer mugs

No matter what the reason, sometimes all it takes is just one great idea to get the ball rolling. Here are five surprisingly easy woodworking project ideas for beginners in woodworking for you to take a look at.

1. A Wooden Chopping Board

This is one of the most basic projects of them all, so it’s perfect for if you’re just starting out. There are so many different design ideas all over the internet, meaning you can choose how creative you decide to be. You’ll need quite a few different tools for this, but any good wood working machinery store will be able to help you find what you don’t have.

2. Bird Feeder

Easy to make, low cost and adaptable, a bird feeder is a great first project for those who are just starting out. The only tools you need are a mitre saw and a drill, so your cutting and assembling abilities will really be put to the test. As the finished product will be left outside, the quality of your woodwork will also soon become clear.

3. Sofa Sleeve and Wooden Cup Holder

A sofa sleeve is one of those unexplainably useful things that most of us wouldn’t think to buy for our house- yet when you have one, you couldn’t imagine life without it. The great thing about making your own is that you can measure it to fit perfectly on the arm of your sofa and tailor the colour, design and style to match the rest of your living room. The main tools you’ll need for this are clamps, a power drill and a hole saw- and don’t forget your tape measure!

DIY shelf

4. Cedar Planter

For all those with a combined love for woodworking and gardening, this project is perfect for you. Planters are useful for organising your plants depending on type, and since you’re making it yourself, you can tailor the size and depth depending on what type of plants you’re planning on putting in there. You’ll just need a jigsaw and a drill for this project- and while any wood is fine to use, make sure you stay away from any which could potentially contain chemicals.

5. Mirror

Mirrors are some of those household items which always seem to be quite pricey. Making your own mirror is much cheaper, and you have the benefits of being able to choose the size and design for yourself. Square and rectangular mirrors are most common, but you could have some fun and choose a triangular or hexagonal shape instead. 

6. DIY Snow Sled

If you want that your have a sturdy snow sled for your kids then make them yourself. It is very easy to make a DIY snow sled even for the absolute beginner in woodworking. All you need is good plans and some free time.

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