How to lay tiles in 5 easy steps

You want to refresh your kitchen or change the look of your bathroom? The easiest way is to apply new modern tiles. Don’t be intimidated when laying the tiles is mentioned, it’s not rocket science! Everyone can do it and no supernatural skills are needed. That’s why we composed this simple guide on how to lay tiles for beginners.

kitchen backsplash tiles

In this article we will explain you  in 5 easy steps how to lay tiles and we expect that you start laying tiles yourself after reading this article!

1. Removing old tiles and preparing the surface

If you want to put tiles on the surface which already have tiles you have to remove old tiles. If that is not the case simply proceed to step 2. Use a chisel for removing tiles and a hammer to remove old tiles. Just put the sharp end of a chisel under the tile and gently beat the other end with the hammer and repeat the process until you remove all tiles. The picture below shows you how to do that.  If you have bumps of old glue after removing the tiles be sure to remove the most of them as well. Don’t be concerned with small bits of old glue, that is not a problem because the layer of new glue will cover them. Naturally it is all easier and quicker with power hammer and a chisel designed for removing the tiles.

removing old tiles

2. Preparing the tiles

Before applying new layer of glue always dust off the surface and then moist it with wet sponge. Also moist every tile before applying because the tiles then adhere better on the glue.

3. Applying the glue

Always use only the adhesive glue for ceramic tiles because using other glues doesn’t guarantee that the tiles will hold on the wall. When preparing the glue be sure that you mix it to a consistent mass before applying, you can do this with piece of ordinary steel bar but it is much quicker with mixer shaft for the power drill. After the glue is ready, apply it to the wall with putty knife and square notch trowel around 3 mm thick. First take the glue with the putty knife and put it on the square notch trowel and then apply it to the wall by gently pulling the trowel with the straight side and after that simply pull the toothed part of the trowel across the glue. It is important to always apply the glue on whole surface because that ensures that the tiles will last.

preparing and applying the tiles to the wall

4. Applying the tiles

Take the tile and gently put it in the position and push it gently to adhere it to the glue. Always start the tiles in the corner and from the bottom and work your way on the other side and to the top. If you are laying the tiles on bigger surfaces it is strongly advised to use the rubber mallet and level to be sure that the tiles are properly laid. Always use tile spacers because they ensures even spaces between the tiles. If you need to cut the tiles you can use the manual tile cutter or you can use the angle grinder or wet saw if you laying big surfaces and you need to cut a lot of tiles.

cutting the tiles and inserting spacers

5. Applying the grout

The last step is to apply the grout but always do this at least 12 hours after applying the tiles! Apply the grout with the rubber grout float. Just use the putty knife to grab the grout and put it on to grout float and then push the grout in the spaces between the tiles. After 10 minutes wash the excess grout with the wet sponge and then after half an hour wash the tiles again with the wet cloth and the job is done. After 24 hours the glue is completely dry and your tiles can withstand pressure.

grouting and cleaning the tiles

All the tools and materials needed for the job together cost only around 100$. Good luck trying to find the contractor with material included for that kind of money! The best part is that you get to keep all the tools and use it for all your future renovations! Now when you’ve learned how to lay tiles, you can tackle other renovation tasks!

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