11 Tips for making your bathroom look more luxurious

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The bathroom is probably the most used room in the house. Often it is the least well decorated and filled with all sorts of clutter. With a little bit of planning and time, this under-loved room can become one of the most luxurious rooms in your house.11 Tips for making your bathroom look more luxurious

Making your bathroom luxurious does not have to break the bank, although some ways can be expensive. Further reading: https://highspecbathrooms.co.uk/make-small-bathroom-look-luxurious/ Before you start to change your bathroom, make sure you know your budget and add a little to it in case you need to spend a little more than you anticipate. So, how can the bathroom look luxurious?

1. Make use of trays

Grouping all your little jars and bottles together in one pl ace will give the feeling of less clutter. Often lotions and creams come in adorable jars which can all be placed together on an attractive tray and displayed.

2. Have a seat

Nothing worse than trying to shave your legs while perching in the edge of the bath! Even having a small stool in the bathroom will give it a more luxurious feel, as well as being functional. If you have the space, you can look for an ottoman or an armchair to fill a corner.

3. Make use of jars

There are some beautiful matching sets of jars which you can use to fill with cotton balls. Pop your soap into a dish instead of leaving it on the basin and invest in a toothbrush holder.

4. Add a plant

Plants make a bathroom look divine, as well as absorbing odours. Plants that will thrive in bathrooms include Aloe Vera, orchids and ferns. Place on the window sill or hang in a macramé hanger from the ceiling. Further reading: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/bathroom-plants-trend-193209

5. Upgrade towels

Nay towel which comes with monograms on it will improve the look of the bathroom. Choose colors which go with your other décor and place them neatly on the towel rail. White with silver monograms always looks exotic.11 tips for making your bathroom look more luxurious - towels

6. Use gold colors

Gold looks classy, so if you can incorporate it into your décor, do so. Gold or brass taps look expensive and it will make your bathroom look luxurious. Both colors will also add the look or warmth to the room.

7. Think about lights

If possible, consider a chandelier type light. While small secreted light work well, it is the larger type that will give your bathroom a luxurious appeal.11 tips for making your bathroom look more luxurious - lighting

8. Tile diagonally

If you are planning to add tiles, then consider tiling on the diagonal instead of square. If diagonal does not appeal, then you may think about tiling all the way up to the ceiling. Both ways will give the impression of luxury and by using large tiles instead of smaller ones will also give the impression of space.

9. Use a mirror

The secret to using a mirror effectively in a bathroom is to opt for something that is different. If you are a fan of second-hand shops then you will most likely be able to find an unusual one there, at a price you can afford. Most bathrooms have plain mirrors which do nothing to enhance the appeal, but an ornate one will change the entire room.

10. Pictures

Often bathroom have no pictures on the walls but placing a large print somewhere will change the way the room feels. The only thing to remember is that the picture should be framed to protect it against damp and condensation from hot baths

11. And of course, the ultimate in luxury

If your budget can stretch this far white marble is the best way for a bathroom to feel luxurious. Italian marble from floor to ceiling with one or two green plants, a seat and piece of artwork will give you a bathroom that you will be proud to show.

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