Window Upgrades for a Livelier Homey Feel

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Small details make a big difference. Have you ever thought of the major impact the mere presence of windows has on a room? As simple as it sounds, this hole in the wall creates a livelier, roomier, more positive effect on any given room. They let light in – letting the sounds of bird chirps, children playing, and rain drops becoming the soundtrack of our lives.

Window Upgrades for a Livelier Homey Feel

In this article we give you the ultimate list of things you can do to freshen up your windows, for they are the source of liveliness and hominess in every room. Let’s check those simple window upgrades!

Fresh Paint

Old, chipped paint doesn’t only look less than pretty, but it also leaves little paint shavings on the floor every time the wind blows. This renders the floor under your window constantly dirty, not matter how many times you sweep. And if you have pets or little children, these bits of dry old paint can be toxic to swallow. A fresh coat of paint will also make your windows pop, and beautifully frame the view outside.

New Colors

Now that you’re already thinking about painting your window frames a fresh layer of lacquer, why not go for a new color altogether? Changing the color of your window frames is a quick and easy way to add a fresh touch to the entire room. Were they white? Go for something darker that still goes with the room palette. Were they a classic shade of basic wood? How about a modern solid color for a change?

Window Upgrades for a Livelier Homey Feel - books and cup


Not only do they guarantee privacy, curtains and blinds also offer an easy and simple way to control the lighting of the room, as well as the general mood. They also help insulate the room in hot summer days by keeping harsh, direct sunlight out. For an easy and convenient way to update your blinds, visit Make my Blinds and discover the different options that can help you make the best use of your windows, and make them pretty at the same time.


In today’s world of scarce energy and major power bills, energy efficiency should be everyone’s priority. Taking the proper steps to improve the efficiency of your windows may be the most cost-effective option to enhance the comfort of your home, and save money on energy costs. If your windows are already in good condition, check for air leaks and make sure to seal them. You can also add a layer of solar control film for when the sun directly hits the room.

Open Up Your Space

Unfortunately, we hardly ever pay attention to our windows. For some reason, they are the last to be taken care of. The paint chips, the colors fade, and as long as the screen is intact and the glass is clean, we don’t give them a second thought. Making small window upgrades like repainting window frames, adding blinds or changing old curtains, and enhancing energy efficiency can be simple steps towards better functioning windows that open up the space and give us more than just a view.

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