DIY Windows: Old Window Projects and More!

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Are you planning to discard some old windows at home? Before you send them away to your local solid waste facility, check the condition of your windows. Instead of buying new windows, check whether you can still fix the damages. If not, consider upcycling to give them a new purpose.

DIY Windows

Do you want a good starting point? Continue reading below for some ideas on how to DIY windows.

A Faux-Stained Window

Are you looking for high-quality DIY window treatments without breaking the bank? Try doing your own DIY stained glass window. Visit your local craft store and get your desired glass stain colors. Alternatively, you can go for some acrylic paint. Get a hot glue gun, some glue sticks, simulated leading strips, and wire cutters. Remove the wires from the window frame using wire cutters.

If you have broken glass, replace it with a cheap one. Glue the glass to the back of the frame with hot glue. Let it dry before applying the leading strips over the glass. Apply the acrylic paint onto the leading strips and let the glass dry on an even surface. It is an affordable way of reviving old windows if the window replacement cost is too steep.

An Accent to Your Fireplace

DIY windows also work as excellent accents to a fireplace. If you cannot save the glass, get the window frame and put it on the fireplace. Fill up the frame’s spaces with wooden letters spelling positive words. You may also place decors on the window frame. A giant wreath will look good in the middle of the window frame during Christmas.

The Missing Piece to Your Staircase

Complete the look of your sprawling staircase by accenting the stairway windows with a window frame. Adding window frames creates a duplicating effect. It takes up the middle portion of the main window for an inviting effect.

DIY Windows - windows

The Illusionary Window

Upcycling old windows don’t only make you eco-friendly, it can also bring you closer to nature. Bring your old windows outside and turn them into illusionary windows. Hang your old windows by the front porch using some chains. Hanging them creates an illusion of floating windows outside the house. In turn, you generate attention toward your home’s exterior design.

Any Room’s Focal Point

Are you struggling to create a focal point in one of your rooms? Combine four old window frames and hang them from floor to ceiling. Combining multiple frames makes your room look higher. It also works as a backdrop for precious items and decorative pieces.

Your Welcoming Window Frame

Create a welcoming DIY window frame for friends, loved ones, and visitors. Pick a spot near the main door outside the house and nail it. Install a slightly longer panel above the window frame and use it to display a few pieces of your grandma’s china.

Go Beyond DIY Windows Now

By making your DIY windows, you can restore old windows or give them new purpose and value. You can also save money and help preserve the environment. Go beyond making DIY old windows. Check out our other articles for more home improvement projects.

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