Why Landscaping Matters

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If you have a property of your own and it boasts a front or even a spacious back garden, it would be a waste not to take advantage of these amazing assets. Believe it or not, something as simple as basic landscaping has both economic and ecological benefits for you and your property, and you can easily reap these benefits if you put some effort into the design of your lawn and keep it neat and green. Let’s see some of the reasons why landscaping matters.
Why Landscaping Matters

A boost to the value

Firstly, a good reason to get your landscaping sorted out is for the value of your home. Even if you are not planning to sell your property in the near future, it is still worth keeping this option in mind, and according to a US survey, landscaping can increase your property’s price from 5.5 percent to as much as 11.4 percent in some regions. The example of a $150,000 home that lacks landscaping seeing an $8-19,000 boost with this simple investment is simply too good to ignore. Other sources estimate the return on investment of landscaping projects to range from 100 percent up to even 1000%. Even if money is of no concern for you right now, investing in your curb appeal will make your home stand out and appear inviting, making you proud to be the owner.

A safe place

Throughout the history of lawnkeeping, we can see that one of the first functions of this feature was visibility. And in fact, well-kept green spaces still provide us with this benefit. Especially if you have children or pets, you probably prefer to have them in sight no matter where they are in your yard. In the same way, if the area is clear of shrubbery and unkept nooks, it is also easier to notice any possible dangers lurking in the garden.

Be it an animal or perhaps a burglar, they will have nowhere to hide in a neatly trimmed yard, and you will be able to take the necessary steps.


Besides safety, a well-organized outdoor space also provides you with plenty of functionality. Think about what a huge, unused opportunity an unkempt yard is. If you’re not creative enough to come up with different uses for it, you can also turn to a landscaping service and they will figure out how to renovate the space.

Why landscaping matters - backyard with pond

Dividing your yard into different “zones” will make it an inviting space the entire family will flock to whenever the weather allows it. A porch with an outdoor kitchen will be the top meeting space of your friends and family members on summer barbecues, a seating area in the shadows, protected by trees is going to be your favorite reading nook to enjoy on warm afternoons, and a small football field will prompt your children to spend more time outdoors!

Boosting the air

As mentioned in the beginning, landscaping also has ecological benefits. One of those is the fact that more plants mean more fresh oxygen to boost the air you breathe. Planting plenty of greenery will help in clearing the air around your home by absorbing harmful pollutants. They will make spending time outdoors ever more healthy for the whole family!

Fighting erosion and flooding

Proper landscape design will also help you prevent erosion in your yard. Erosion can be a problem anywhere, but especially in steeper areas where rainfalls can cause rocks to be exposed. Planting trees and plants will stop some of the soil from washing away, but there are also landscaping solutions that work effectively, such as retaining walls. Besides being functional, they can also be a stylish element that will give character to your garden. Moreover, a clever design will also prevent your yard from being flooded every time it rains, which will not only preserve the functionality of your yard but will also save your carefully planted plants. If you have problems with flooding in your yard, landscaping can be the solution!

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why landscaping matters and why landscaping is an important element of your home. From providing you with safety, functionality and potential economic benefits, it is also good for the environment on multiple fronts. There is, thus, no good excuse to leave your yard unused!

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