6 Places Where Serious Injuries Can Happen

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Whether you have small children under your supervision, or you yourself are just plain clumsy, it’s beneficial to be aware of the dangers surrounding certain places and activities. Serious or even mild injuries can detract from your overall quality of life, cause you to miss work, and suffer immense pain.

6 Places Where Serious Injuries Can Happen

Some dangerous areas are less obvious than others and will be discussed here.

1. Swimming Pools

It might not come as a surprise that wet surfaces plus excited children could result in an accident. However, when you’re relaxing in the sun, it can be easy to lose sight of the possible hazards. If you’re like most, there will be a point when you shut your eyes to soak in the sun while the kids are playing in the pool.

But be warned that slippery walkways are not the only cause of swimming pool accidents. As experienced attorneys from Patino Law advice, it’s often that a lack of supervision can lead to a child’s injury. If you or your child are involved in an accident around a swimming pool, don’t hesitate to seek medical and legal help. They will help you get fair compensation for your injuries and ensure that the rightful people are held accountable.

2. On the Job

Worker’s Compensation exists for a good reason—people get hurt on the job quite often. But the types of jobs that often result in injuries, and the number of fatal injuries associated with certain jobs might astound you. Electricians suffer more than double the amount of fatal injuries on the job that firefighters and most fatal accidents for firefighters are sustained through transportation, not burning buildings. Any job that involves driving is sure to have a higher rate of injury than one that doesn’t. It’s wise to seek out some information about common accidents that can happen in your workplace for your own safety.

3. On the Stairs

If you’ve ever fallen going down, or even up, a flight of stairs, then don’t blame it all on your own ill-footing too much. The design of staircases can vary greatly, some having narrow and tall steps, while others are wide and spiral. Throw in some defects like frayed carpet or rickety handrails, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. When you’re taking on a staircase, it might feel as natural as riding a bike, but you wouldn’t take your eyes off the road while you were riding one, would you? Actually, watch your step and mind the environment when you’re on a staircase if you want to save yourself the scrapes and bruises.

6 Places Where Serious Injuries Can Happen - stairs

4. In a Vehicle

Automobile accidents are a leading cause of death for people in the United States. They are a global issue, and no one, not even people who don’t drive, is immune to their dangers. Car accidents don’t just happen while in transit, though. It’s really easy to slam a finger or foot in a car door if you’re not careful. If you’re opening and closing a door for someone, make sure their entire body is in the vehicle before you slam the door shut.

5. In Your Home

Poisoning is the cause of a whopping 5,000 deaths in the United States per year. Sadly, small children make up the majority of these deaths. Adhere to the following guidelines for how to avoid poisoning in your home:

  • Store cleaning agents and chemicals in high cupboards out of the reach of children.
  • Install childproof gates and locks that can keep your child out of chemicals and confined in safe places while you clean.
  • Keep pesticides and paints in the garage.
  • Make sure all chemicals are labeled and stored properly. 

A good rule of thumb, especially if you have children in the home, is to keep the phone number of a poison control center in a place you can find. If a child ingests harmful chemicals, time is of the essence.

6. Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Whether in a lot or walkway, the pavement is subject to harsh weather, automobile accidents, and anything else that might pass over it. Land on a crack and break your mom’s back? It’s actually quite likely that you could break your own back if you’re not looking out for potholes, uneven tiles, puddles, ice, or other hazards. Be on your guard when walking on a sidewalk or parking lot, especially if there’s a lack of light. These obvious dangers lose their visibility when substances or distractions are involved. Injuries are entirely avoidable, but only if you’re paying attention. To keep your family and yourself free from these risks, remain aware of them, and engage in safety practices.

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