Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Plumber?

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If you do not happen to have the right skill set or some adequate knowledge about plumbing, a simple issue like a leaking faucet can actually drive you crazy. Imagine trying to match your way out of a plumbing problem with it only getting worse over time because of the primitive techniques and equipment used. I would suggest forgetting the plumber’s stereotypes from pop culture; plumbers have to go through an apprenticeship from 2 to 5 years before they get a license. Plumbers don’t just fix toilets or leaky faucets; they can set up and maintain pipes that supply fluids or gases to households or businesses. If you don’t know how to pick the good plumber then this plumber hiring guide will help you in your decision.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Plumber

As the demand for plumbers increases along with their pay, we’ll be reviewing the requirements and skills that you may need to become a plumber.

How does one become a plumber?

The most common and trustworthy way of becoming a plumber is through an apprenticeship. It includes academic courses in classes and also paid training. Apprenticeship takes as much time as a college and could even require training of 2 years minimum up to 5 years to get the plumbing certificate which is made possible thanks to the sponsoring of unions and employers. To get into the program, you need at least a high school diploma and to be above 18. Apprentices are taught how to follow safety measures, reading blueprints, and regulations.

What may stop you from becoming a plumber?

If you happen to crack under pressure, have a problem with having to do jobs on weekends and evenings, forced overtime which could mean that you would probably end up working more than 40 hours a week, emergencies popping up constantly making you on-call all the times, and also the possibility of injuries like burns and fractures. If you are uninterested in plumbing but have a job that needs to be done quickly, you can get North York Plumber to help you by reaching them out through email and calls.

Do you have what it takes to be a plumber - repairing faucet

Do you have what it takes to be a plumber?

A few soft skills will help you greatly in your journey of becoming a plumber:

  • Simply listening: the first step in identifying a problem is by listening attentively to what the customer is describing.
  • Troubleshooting: after you get a sense or an outline of the problem from the customer, you should be trying to look for the causes and fix them.
  • Critical thinking, which means carefully deciding from a few options or solutions to pick the most suitable one for the situation.
  • Communication: Communication means keeping the customers in the light and allowing them to see the whole picture.

Should you be a plumber?

Now, being a plumber isn’t simply for everyone, you need to think carefully if your interests and personality are aligned with what this job requires. Always remember that most problems are not clear right away, which is why you need critical thinking to be able to determine the root of the problem so it wouldn’t happen again. There are many provinces in Canada right now with the high demand for plumbers. Their average hourly rate is around 26$. If you feel that becoming a plumber is interesting and worth it, then you are right, but only if you can handle it.

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