What are Washlets and why should you get one?

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Most public restrooms, and around 69% of homes have a bidet or a washlet in Japan. They are also a pretty common feature in a lot of European restrooms, with the French using them since the seventeenth century. They are a bathroom feature that is rapidly gaining in popularity across the world. But what are they?

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A bidet, generally, is a low pan near to the toilet. The idea is that once you have finished using the toilet, you sit or squat on it, turn the taps on and clean yourself up, eliminating the need for toilet paper and leaving you feeling somewhat fresher.

A Washlet is the same sort of concept, but is part of the actual toilet, perfect if bathroom space is minimal.  It is electronic, and was developed by Japanese company Toto back in 1980. Since then, it has sold more than 40 million units, proving just how popular they can be. Will Smith and Kylie Minogue even own one! They are generally easy to fit, especially if you already earn a Toto branded toilet.

A Washlet has so many more features than a standard bidet. At its most basic, there is a water jet for both back and front cleaning, which has temperature control and pressure control. Not only that, but there is a seat heating function, perfect for those cold winter mornings. As you move up through the various models, there are features such as automatic air deodorizers, auto open and close lids, night lights and driers. Check out these Toto washlets to see the full range of features available.

So why should you get a Washlet installed in your home?

They are not cheap. They can cost as much or more than your entire bathroom suite. However, if you want that extra bit of luxury in your life, they are more than worth it.

Green Advantages

By having a Washlet installed in your bathroom, you are helping to reduce the amount of toilet paper used, because there is no need for you to use it anymore. As Washlets and bidets become more commonplace across the world, less toilet paper  will need to be manufactured which can only be a big step forward environmentally. Many people wonder how something using water can be green – take into consideration the number of people who hop into the shower when sometimes, that quick blast of water to the nether regions is all that is needed.

Comfort Advantages

No one spends longer in the toilet than they absolutely have to, but occasionally, health issues might mean you need to sit on the porcelain throne a little bit longer than is comfortable. A standard toilet seat can be cold and unyielding. Why not make that time a little bit easier on yourself? The seat heating functions are excellent for cold winter mornings, or when you might be starting to go a little bit numb. There is also a handy night light for those middle of the night trips to the toilet. It means you don’t need to switch a main light on, waking you up more than you need to.

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The obvious one here is that you don’t need to be putting your hand anywhere near your bottom to clean it, so immediately it is more hygienic. Nothing is going to clean you up more thoroughly than a jet of warm water. However, this is not the only hygiene function of a Washlet. It is self cleaning, so once the sensor activated lid is closed, a UV light combined with a zirconium coating breaks down any organic substances in the toilet bowl, keeping the toilet bowl cleaner for a much longer period of time. If you choose one with the water function, it uses electrolyzed water, which has antibacterial properties. This is perfectly safe for the environment, and great news for your bottom. It also comes with an air deodorizer, which keeps the bathroom environment smelling fresh and odour free.

Useful for children, older people and people with disabilities

Those that might struggle to clean up after themselves due to age or physical limitations would find these a useful addition to their day to day life. It allows them to hold on or to develop their independence whilst maintaining their dignity at the same time. Once you have used a Washlet, I’m pretty sure that you will never want to go back to using a standard toilet seat. Who doesn’t want to feel fresh and clean after using the toilet?

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