Bathroom Makeover Tips

Bathroom makeover tips

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most visited room in the house, yet while our living rooms and dining rooms are generally adorned with various furniture and decorations, the bathroom is often forgotten and looks quite sparse. It is obviously the case that the bathrooms primary job, is to be functional first and foremost, but it is so much nicer and more welcoming, to have a bathroom that both works really well, and has a little bit of warmth to it. Somewhere that you actually look forward to going to, so you can soak and relax.

Redesigning the Bathroom

There are countless options available in bathroom designs though obviously the number one constraint that everyone has, whether building new, or renovating, is the physical amount of space you have available with which to work. A good mentality to have when beginning its design, is to try to put as much time and energy on thought, as you would do for the living room, or your bedroom. It will work out much better if it isn’t a rush job. Next up is to try to not start off thinking about the color scheme, though it is a naturally tempting place to begin. However, once you have picked your fixtures and fittings, the color scheme you may have had in mind, might no longer be suitable. The best place to start is to stand at the entrance to the bathroom and try to feel the way it flows. As you enter, you really want a nice storage closet, or the sink and vanity, or maybe wall decorations as the first thing your eyes fall on, rather than the toilet.

Utility Placement

The bathroom is normally a fair bit smaller than a living room, so laying out the general placement of the bath or shower, toilet and sink should not be overly complicated. It is important to also allow space for at least some storage. You will probably automatically put the cleaning materials under the sink, but some extra drawers and cabinets allow you to keep things looking clean and tidy, as well as making the room feel less empty.

Bathroom makeover tips - bathroom utilities

Buying the Utilities

This is where the fun really starts, because when you visit your local bathroom specialist, you will be confronted with numerous designs, styles, shapes and sizes of sink, bath, shower, toilet and every other gadget you could think of. This is a really good time to accept the benefit of some seriously good and free advice from the people who work there. If you show them your general layout and room dimensions, they will instantly be able to advise you which options are most likely to be functional, and which will best co-ordinate with each other.

Once it is fitted is the time to bring in the colors. Look to match your tiles with the colors of the fitted utilities and bathroom furniture and don’t be afraid to be bold with it. People expect a bathroom to be cheerless and barren, so walking into one that has vibrant colors, some nice pictures on the wall, combined with a well thought out and functional design, makes people happy about entering.

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